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Türkiye Güvercin Federasyonu   [44 clicks]
1964 Yılında İSTANBUL ’da doğumlu Mustafa HAYIROĞLU evli ve üç çocuk babasıdır, ilk v...
Scottdale Supply, LLC   [46 clicks]
Scottdale Supply offers the pigeon fancier the largest selection of pigeon related products in the area. Everything fro...
Baden Feed and Supply   [53 clicks]
Baden Feed and Supply is owned and operated by Tim Scheerer, his brother Roger and their retired father Merv. Tim and hi...
Pigeons Products, Supplies and medicines   [228 clicks]
Pigeons Products, Supplies and medicines
Pigeon Product Store   [360 clicks]
Pallatts pigeon products store
Blake Sheds and Fencing Ltd   [196 clicks]
We welcome any enquiries regarding our services, or for booking appointments. Please feel free to contact us to discuss ...
Zabbar Pigeon Club   [201 clicks]
Welcome Zabbar Pigeon Club
Pigeon Photography   [308 clicks]
PigeonPhotography, een jong, ambitieus bedrijf dat er naar streeft om uw duiven perfect te fotograferen. PigeonPhotogra...
The Canuck Classic of 2012 was one to be remembered . Bad weather and predators made a tough go of it . A great weekend ...
Pigeon designer   [200 clicks]
My name is Rob Fenech Junior; My dad Bob has been in the sport for well over 30 years now, and in the past few years, I ...
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ideal pedigree for your birds
Pigeon Fanciers Loft
Elimar Pigeon Services   [2480 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We are part of the Elimar Pigeon Services Web Site. You will find various racing pigeon related goods and items for sale below. ...  
Engle Lofts Racing Pigeons   [1995 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
I am a breeder and racer from the Louisville Kentucky area. I have raised pigeons for the last fifteen years and love racing them. My site is young but getting bigger. I have a classified ads section, and would like to start swaping links.... - Pigeon Racing the Basics!   [1445 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Pigeon website promoting the sport to new fanciers, providing info for existing fanciers.  
Roncella Filippo Racing Pigeons Loft   [1344 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Italian Loft, results , photos, pigeons from Netherland and Germany champions (strain Janssens, De Klak, Van Loon, Schellens)  
Hoggan Loft   [1327 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
You have just found the homepage of Hoggan Loft one of the most impressive Racing & Breeding collection of Janssen based Homing Pigeon's in America. We travel to Holland and Belgium every year going to Top small lofts. We are looking for birds with TOP performance in the 250-500 mile one day races. Birds that will be their week after week fast or tough races every week, and still winning more than our share of the short or longer races.  
MILLS LOFT   [1296 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
These Two Pair of “Foundation Breeders” are responsible for Major Futurity winners and over two hundred First place race winners across the country. Sons, Daughters, and Grandchildren have reproduced winners as well, 100 thru 500 miles.  
Bourgoin Family Loft   [1223 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We have purchased birds from some of the top lofts around the World. Over the past couple years, we have spent thousands buying only the best Imports we could find and children and grandchildren off some of the best champion racer/breeders from around the world. We have a very nice collection of birds most of which have already proven themselves in the breeding loft before coming to our loft. We would prefer to purchase a proven breeder over a proven racer, but if we cant afford this type of bird, then we look to see what the siblings have done in the racing and breeding loft; chances are one of them could be an equal if not better breeder for more than half the price of his champion sibling.  
Pro Pigeon Loft   [1193 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Pro Pigeon Loft houses Champion Racing Pigeons and Breeders of Champion Racing Pigeons. We do not have a specific strain or a specific family of racing pigeons. Our stock of pigeon breeders consist of birds from the old line "Lucky Strike" Tourniers, Janssens, Meulemans, and Gaby VanDenabeele blood lines. Our racers are an excellent cross of those blood lines.  
Rod Sparkes Loft   [1183 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
In the last few years I have had some real fantastic champion racers one was champion "Young Armando" winning 17x1sts 3x1st sect feds and 3x1st open feds inc. 42 prizes and 18 fed positions in the first 15 against up to 4,800 birds he was also 1st Ace young bird in 2000 and 1st Ace old bird in the federation in 2002.  
Loft of Tony Alves/Ganus   [1178 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We are very excited and proud to have some of the greatest race results in Canadian history, racing in the Up North Pigeon Racing Combine with over 200 hundred members. This is largest combine in Canada.  
Double Cottage Breeding & Racing Lofts   [1127 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Welcome to the web site of Double Cottage Breeding & Racing Lofts, are situated in Windsor, Berkshire in the south east of the uk. This web site is aimed to promote the success of the wonderful family's of pigeons i have at stock responsible for many winners worldwide. I Would like to thank and acknowledge August & Frank Dealemans & Herman Beverdam for kindly giving us written permission to use material from their books & Web site with reference to the Janssen Van Den Bosch Pigeons.  
Rudolph Family Loft   [1107 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Over 40 years of Breeding and Flying to develop this family. Excel @ Middle & long distance! 1st place Concourse at all distances. Winning the Concourse 600 mile race; 5-times in the past decade. 1st Old and young; 5-times in the past decade; again 2005,2006, & 2007. Now in my 3rd decade; finishing in the top ten every year.  
Lion Gate Lofts   [1105 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Lion Gate Lofts are the breeding lofts of A M Loft & Noe Ric Lofts. These two lofts agressivly ship both
Old bird teams & Young Bird Teams. For this reason you may see the same race station on any given day on the result sheets. All band races along with club & special races. Lion Gate Lofts ship all of the out of area and races in foreign Countries.  
PRIME MOTIVE LOFTS   [1085 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Crabapple Loft   [1062 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
I'm putting together a tough long distance family by blending Morris Gordon, Kirkpatrick & Deveriendt families. This blend worked great in 2008 when I had a bro / sis come together on a nasty October race day. 2nd & 3rd in the NCC Club Auction 279 mile race.  
Gazaway Lofts - Home of Quality Racing Pigeons   [1062 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
My family of pigeons is mainly a Janssen/Van loon based family. I breed from 6 descendants of the "Van Moorsel" line including one direct Grandchild of the Van Moorsel, 2 Grandchildren of "Derek". Also "Kim", "Jante", "Kanon" and a grandson of "Gold Finger" (nestmate to "Van Moorsel") who won 8th place in the Highlander race 2005. (AU 05 UCA 1583)  
Lone Tree Lofts   [1019 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Welcome to "LoneTree Lofts" located in the Beautiful Chippewa Valley of Western Wisconsin, USA.

The Number One Source for Patrick Brothers Long Distance Pigeons in the USA

2010 Breeding Pairs to be Posted Soon !!  
LK Corral Racing Pigeon   [1015 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
LK Corral is located in So. California and is managed by Lolo & Kristin Ramirez. Lolo has been involved with pigeon racing since 1993 and began to fly with his wife under the name of LK Corral in 1998. LK Corral is very passionate about the sport of racing pigeons and is always striving for excellence in every aspect of the sport. They believe in order to be a successful loft, you have to be an educated loft. Loft management and breeding programs need to be evaluated and re-evaluated in order to stay competitive with the top lofts.  
Rocking G Lofts   [1007 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Rocking G Lofts, owned and operated by the Garfield Family is located in Cedar City, Utah, the "gateway" to some of the most beautiful country on earth and is the hub to many National Parks including Zion and Bryce Canyon.  
Colombier jean-luc méré   [966 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
offre 10 pigeonneaux voyageurs saison 2009 à toutes personnes qui veut jouer avec nous aux pigeons voyageurs concours d'avril 2009 à fin juillet 2009 secteur martigné-briand (maine et loire) ,prix de la licence 30 euros obligatoire assurance comprise,cette annonce conviendrait aux personnes qui aiment les animaux ,si vous êtes seul ou retraité ou jeune et un petit coin de jardin pour mettre votre abris de jardin < maison pour pigeon > aide pour l'installation et conseil ,sensation garantie avec l'arrivé de vos pigeons de concours en plein ciel.
contact: jluc méré tel:02 41 54 27 46  
Edrosa Loft is a certified member of American Racing Pigeon   [910 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Edrosa Loft is a certified member of American Racing Pigeon Union (AU) and a member of California State Racing Pigeon Organization (CSRPO), Bay Cities Combine (BCC) and Martinez Homing Pigeon Club (MTZ). Races are coming from the East over the rough terrain of Sierra Nevada mountain ranges with an elevation of over a thousand feet above the sea level. A bird must fly with a big variation in elevation and wind changes.   [869 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
I have bred show racing homers since 1982. My birds are mostly Jim Isselhardt and Ken Martin strain. The majority of my birds are red, blk & blb.I have recently added some of the # 595 silver blood. I am trying to make my own family of frosty red laces and light silvers  
Colombiervideau   [813 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Nous avons débuté la colombophilie en faisant des expositions de pigeons voyageurs standards.
Ceci nous a permis de rencontrer Jacques DENEPOUX de Saintes (mon premier parrain colombophile).

Plus tard, il nous a conduit pour la 1ère fois dans le Nord chez Clément JONCKIERE de Fleurbaix (62).

De là, nous avons pu rendre visite aux colombiers de feu Pierre DENOYELLE d'Hesdin.
Il nous a emmené chez quelques champions du Nord et belges tels que Silvère TOYE, Etienne DEVOS.  
Francis Loft   [792 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We all know quality pigeons are the quickest road to success and I'm confident these birds are sure to enrich you're loft.  
John Lucchese Loft   [782 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Visit our new Online Store! We will be introducing new pigeons and an outstanding line of products from Oropharma for you to purchase directly here!  
ADVANCED HOBBYIST LOFT   [662 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
In 1982, I was then keeping fancy pigeon for several years and decided to visit my uncle, Victor Lim to look for Jacobins, (A FANCY PIGEON BREED). Unfortunately, my Uncle Victor no longer keeps fancy pigeon; instead he was actively involved in pigeon racing. That’s when he encouraged me to join Philippine Homing Pigeon Association Inc. (PHA) and started to actively get involved in pigeon racing. This is how Advanced Hobbyist Loft was founded way back in 1982.

Pigeon competition during those days is not as stiff as it is today. Fancier joined the races before just for the fun of it and for prestige. Now, they joined because of the prizes which are very much bigger than before. This necessitated the importations of expensive good pigeons. Loft management had improved a lot. Fanciers focus and dedicate more time for the sports nowadays.

I enjoy racing pigeon competition more than entering my dogs and Koi in the shows. In here, there’s no judgment call, and competition is very fair. When you lose, there’s nothing to argue about. Its one thing you can full heartedly accept.

I have been breeding Koi, gamefowls and canine but I consider my breeding program in racing pigeon as more advanced than my other “breeding” hobbies as I have fully developed my own strain through selective line and inbreeding. I started linebreeding my Crack 52 line way back in 1983 and my “Flying Machine” line in 1985. I’m still using these 2 lines up to the present and they have not deteriorated; as a matter of fact they have improved a lot than the original foundation stocks. When the inbreeding gets too close once in a while, I do infuse super winners which are related to them, to add more vigor in the blood.  
KELLEY BUCKNER PIGEONS   [387 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
After being absent from the sport for many years, in 2003 I was fortunate enough to have my best friend and cousin, Kenny Kelley, help with acquiring forty Young Birds from Rick Mardis at Continental Breeding Station. Flying with the Big Spring Club, these birds won me many first places, average speed, champion loft and also champion bird awards. I have to thank Rick for the fantastic birds that got me started back in the sport, his friendship, and also all the help he has given me over the last few years. During this same time I visited some of the best breeders and flyers in the sport to acquire top quality breeders. These breeders coming from the great lofts of Kenny Kelley, Rick Mardis, C.L. Gage, Mike Ganus, Chris Peeman, and Barry Yu just to name a few. With the youngsters from these breeders, I was very competitive in local races and also the futurities we entered that year.  
Heinz Willi und Jürgen Ritz   [369 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
JÜCHEN - Wer die Gelegenheit hat, die Brieftaubenzeitungen der Welt zu studieren, stößt mit konstanter Regelmäßigkeit immer wieder auf den Namen Ritz. Viele Sportfreunde bemühen sich seit Jahren oder Jahrzehnten um einen ähnlichen Ruf, allein, es scheint ein unmögliches Unterfangen zu sein, an diesen Bekanntheitsgrad heranzukommen.  
Lou Coletta Lofts   [262 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Lou Coletta Lofts" are tucked into a narrow courtyard alongside Lou and Dona Coletta’s handsome home on Garrow Drive in Antioch, California. The average person would never guess that behind the cedar fences lining the back yard are four lofts of racing pigeons. Not just any racing pigeons, but birds that have made Lou Coletta’s name well known among racing pigeon enthusiasts due to the extraordinary success of their progeny in major futurities around the world. We welcome you to our web site to view and purchase some of the most well known birds in the world! We hope you enjoy our Web site!  
Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem Belgium   [217 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
At Wontergemstraat 72 in Dentergem lives Gaby Vandenabeele. Dentergem is a little town between East and West Flanders and became famous accross the borders because of pigeonman Vandenabeele. Since 1988 Gaby won 5 firsts National and more than 62 firsts Provincial. Impressing!  
Koopman family pigeon   [196 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We are very pleased, dear sports friend, to welcome you at the brand new website of Team and Family Koopman. We saved neither money nor trouble to inform you about all facets that concern the Koopman team.
Worldwide the fan club of the modern Koopman pigeon grows and grows. Therefore we consider it our duty to inform all fanciers of the Koopmanship and all who consider pigeons as professional athletes as fully as possible.  

One Loft Race
Europa Classic Race   [1567 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We hoped to introduce many new people to the concept of one loft pigeon racing, both those who are pigeon fanciers and hopefully a few more non fanciers would become involved.  
The Vegas Classic   [1205 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Vegas One loft race  
Million Dollar Pigeon Race   [1171 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Join us on Million Dollar Pigeon Race for all the latest news, views, interviews, tweets and videos. We're bringing you and exciting new way of enjoying the race. Visit our information portal now to get into the action!  
Flamingo International Challenge   [1077 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Above is the unbelievable Flamingo International Challenge Loft. What a loft! You will see nothing like it. Not only is it beautiful, but the time and thought that went into this loft has surpassed itself.  
Snowbird Classic - One Loft Race   [928 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
A Snowbird Futurity Race will be held in conjunction with the Snowbird 350 Woodland race  
Texas Gusher - One Loft Race   [829 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We want to insure you that the Gusher will be flown from the same Lofts, same location. We have gone into a joint venture with the Denton pigeon club on this race for 2009. Rick Mardis has just decided not to live there full time and spend most of his time back in Oklahoma.  
Triple Crown Classic   [811 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Triple Crown Classic - one loft race in California  
International one loft race in Bangkok   [744 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
From that time till now it is 21 years already, we do still continuously organize the International racing pigeon in Thailand either "F.C.I. Thailand Grand Prix, F.C.I. Thailand World Championship, Thailand Open etc." This is 11 Years in a row with organized by Thai Homing Pigeon Federation.  
IG Weitstrecke Süd-Ost   [742 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Interessengemeinschaft zur Durchführung internationaler Weitstreckenflüge
in Reiserichtung Süd-Ost
mit Genehmigung des Verbandes Deutscher Brieftaubenzüchter e.V. Essen

Die Tauben werden ab 6.Oktober 2011 im Internet unter angeboten. Die Internet-Versteigerung endet am Donnerstag, den 27.10.2011, 20.00 Uhr. Die Gebote werden auf den Festabend der Siegerehrung am Samstag, den 29.10.2011 übernommen, wo noch weitere erfolgen können.  
Allflight Carnival City Loft   [714 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Situated to the west of the Carnival City Casino Complex in Brakpan, Gauteng Province, our modern spacious loft can easily house over 3 000 racing pigeons. Our training team is well known both within and outside the boundaries of South Africa. Our finance and administration personnel are of the best in the racing pigeon fraternity. The climate on the East Rand is ideal for pigeon racing - very moderate with relatively little fluctuation between day and night temperatures.  
California Late Hatch Classic   [690 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
California Late Hatch Classic - one loft race  
MVL-CUP 2010   [625 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Biggest one loft pigeon race in Scandinavia  
Tobacco Valley Race   [601 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Birds not paid for by the breeder can be entered by someone else if they pay the entry fee. They will also obtain the rights to the bird.  
TÜRKGÜCÜ ERMEYDANI   [587 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Farklı kümeslerde yetiştirilen ve farklı beslenme alışkanlıkları ile beslenen,değişik coğrafi şartlarda uçurularak yarıştırılan kuşların TÜRKİYE,BALKANLAR VE AVRUPA çapında hangisi en üstün vasıflı....??????  
Florida Grand National One Loft Race   [565 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We are very proud to anounce the first annual Florida Grand National One Loft Race. Florida Grand National Race we be a three race series starting at 150 miles, 250 miles and the last of the series is the 350 miler and the Optional "Grand National" 400 mile race.  
Thailand Grand Pigeon Race   [561 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Having successfully organized the first TGPR race last year, we are pleased to invite international fanciers to participate in our TGPR 2009 which will be a genuine king cup race from south of Chiangmai province, 550 km north of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.  
Ostseeflug Usedom   [540 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Alle Gewinner des Ostseefluges Usedom erhalten
einen Scheck mit der Gewinnsumme per Post, Schecks sind seit 14.09.2011 unterwegs.

Vom Erlös der versteigerten Tauben werden 50% an den Züchter ausgezahlt.  
Scottish Classic One Loft Race   [537 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Scottish Classic One Loft Race will not be running in 2010, However we hope that we will be back next year  
İSTANBUL DERBY YARIŞLARI   [517 clicks] :: [->Favorites]



Canadian International One Loft Race   [460 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We have now over 400 hundred birds entered in the Canadian International One Loft Race! Birds continue to come in from every part of our country and several teams from the USA and other syndicates representing their countries from around the world! So far all birds are doing fine, All this huge interest and particapation from every one has fueled so much more interest from so many other people who have never heard about pigeon racing in the Toronto area, that this could only be good for the sport in general and create interest in new faces to jion our sport!  
Galway One Loft Race   [433 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Situated in Ballyglunin, the home of the famous 'Castle Town' train station featured in the Quiet Man (starring John Wayne!), WestWings Lofts is the official name of the Lofts of Mike Flannery, a native of Warrington, Cheshire, but living in Galway for over 30 years. Mike is a member of the Galway Racing Pigeon Club and has been racing birds since childhood. In 2008 Mike set up West Wings Lofts, the business name of the Galway One Loft Race, then only the second such race in Ireland. Since then the race has grown every year, from 500 birds in the first year to 750 in the second year, now the race hopes to attract 1000 birds as it enteres its third year!.  
Kingslea One Loft Race   [427 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
This is the second year of the race and it is growing; at the inception I thought I would only have one syndicate but I had three this year. With a total pay out of £6.600 this being a pleasant surprise. Invitation The free barbecue at Kingslea...  
Frankenland Derby   [362 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Nachfolgende Derby-Tauben sind noch im Bestand und stehen zum Verkauf !

Mit Abgabe der Anmeldung und Tauben werden sämtliche Bedingungen anerkannt.

Hier finden Sie auch regelmäßig aktuelle Informationen über die vor dem Endflug von uns durchgeführten 3 Preisflüge !  
Sierra Ranch Classic One Loft Race   [333 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The birds are doing great. All are very healthy. Most of the birds have been out and settled. It's been rainning most of the days but the birds are still getting out and seem to enjoy the rain. Looking forward to more birds arriving. Best Regards, Steve & Kim  
America's International Challenge - One Loft Race   [293 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Frank Esposito, Espo, as he is called, is a very accomplished pigeon handler and was the owner of the Espo's East Coast Challenge. He ran that race for 7 years. Espo is a strong competitor and has teamed up with Danny Hutchins for America's International Challenge � One Loft Race. The birds and loft for America's International Challenge will be under his management. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Frank Esposito at 732-239-3623.

As a devout pigeon racing enthusiast, Danny Hutchins takes great pride and personal enjoyment in the sport of pigeon racing. Danny Hutchins has been flying pigeons for 10 years in the North East Dallas Invitational Pigeon Racing Club, around the United States and abroad. Danny is happy to team up with Frank Esposito for the America's International Challenge. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Danny Hutchins at 903-821-1192.  
North Florida - One Loft Race   [287 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Ever since I caught my first “homing pigeons” under a bridge in my homeland South Africa at the age of 12, birds have

been my passion. I was fortunate enough as a young teen to spend many days with a very successful fancier in the

extremely competitive Transvaal Racing Pigeon Union, the largest in South Africa. It was here that my love for the

racing side of the sport was fostered and it has remained and integral part of my life ever since. You will find me to be

meticulous with the management and health of pigeons. I have a strong record with young birds, winning champion loft

my very first season racing in the United States and having been in the top 10% each season since. As all pigeon

fanciers know in order to achieve success it takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication.  
TOC Las Vegas   [280 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
World Ace Challenge One Loft Race   [274 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Located in the United States, on the border of Oklahoma and Texas, across the street from exciting Winstar Casino. The World Ace Challenge is the race of a life-time with entries only from the best pigeon flyers around the world!

World ACE Challenge Race is READY to accept pigeons for 2012 race series!

We will be accepting pigeons from March 1st through July 31, 2012, replacements will be accepted through July 31, 2012.  
Somerset One Loft Race   [271 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
GOLDEN RACE ALGARVE   [266 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The organization the Algarve golden Race informs / clarifies, that comply with all rules and tax rules applicable to the event, reports that the values ​​of the final awards will be announced after the close of entries, and will be value gross, subject to deduction of tax applicable IRS (retention at source) rate will be in effect under the IRS code.  
Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge   [241 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We are very proud to announce the Fourth Annual "Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge" One-loft Race. The Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge Race Series will be a seven-race series starting at 100 miles, going out to 301 miles, coming back and starting again at 138 miles, then going all the way out to 325 miles. With our race experience we keep every bird in its best competitive condition.  
Annual Amazing One Loft Race 2013   [222 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The story began when Daniel caught his first pigeon by hand when he was just five years old, while visiting California. He instantly became fascinated with the birds. He has flown and trained birds for over 24 years and has never been able to let the interest go away. Daniel is our full time loft manager, and is very excited to kick off the 2013 Amazing Race and train your birds professionally with attention to detail all along the way. This past 2012 race had a phenomenal return rate of over 80%!! It's living proof that if the birds are healthy and well taken care of, they'll want to make it home after the race.  
Upland Derby   [215 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen !!!! ... das Team vom Upland-Derby. Das Upland Derby 2011 ist beendet,
wir gratulieren den Siegern. Beim Klick auf den Züchternamen werden alle Konstantierungen des Fluges angezeigt.
Beim Klick auf die Taubennummer
- nur bei Preisflügen-
werden alle Flugergebnisse angezeigt.  
Colombodrome de Roye   [198 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Sans compter les vôtres, amis du Colombodrome, qui vont nous parvenir avant la fin Avril.

Pour tout renseignement sur l'engagement de vos pigeonneaux, leur transport, leur management, etc, juste un coup de fil à MATHIEU, le soigneur du colombodrome depuis 10 ans ( ici à droite sur la photo ) tél : 0667991081.

Cette semaine nous attendons les pigeonneaux de Mr Michel Delplace (01) et Norbert Margenceau (37)qui nous seront livrés jeudi par France express.

Ceux du team de " Haute Savoie" nous sont annoncés pour les premiers jours de Mars  
CANUCK CLASSIC DERBY   [182 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The Canuck Classic of 2012 was one to be remembered . Bad weather and predators made a tough go of it . A great weekend was had by all , with fun , food and prizes .

There was enough birds home in race time , to claim most of the prize positions .

We once again invite everyone to participate in another fantastic weekend .  
French Young Bird Derby   [180 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Before moving to France some three years ago, we lived on the South Coast of England and successfully raced Janssen based birds which were all bred around our excellent 'Wouters' cock. This fantastic race bird and breeder sired many winners from 50 miles right through to 1st Open Pau in the 'National Flying Club'. Our Janssen based family are truly a great family of racers that can win anywhere, just as they are proving since our move to France. With this family of pigeons we have had over 400 First Prize wins with around 100 firsts in Federations, Combines, Nationals and Classics and in one season flying young birds we had 9 First Federations. In our very first season when we moved to France, we won our first race with young birds, then in the sprint club the following year we won 12 out of the 14 races.  

Pigeon Health
Belgicadeweerd   [959 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The international programme to success  
Meditech   [933 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Supplier of Pigeon Vaccines and Medicines at competetive prices.  
CHEVITA   [863 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Our team of scientists and pigeon fanciers has been actively developing and testing pigeon health products for three decades. Consequently, Chevita GmbH is among the world?s leading manufacturers
of a complete range of products especially designed for pigeons.  
OROPHARMA: Your medical partner   [828 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The winning formula in pigeon racing lies in the birds' health and their optimal condition. This means "medical supervision" in the most positive sense. Medical supervision, if applied correctly and expertly, is a true blessing for pigeons. We wish you lots of success with the use of the Oropharma products.  
Belga-Vet. Seiffert BVBA - Manufacture of natural supplement   [820 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
To obtain a better quality of feather of your pigeons during the moulting, add best 15 ml of CONCENTRATE VITAMIN per kg of corns.  
British Pigeon Fanciers Medical Research   [811 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
This website is dedicated to the medical research conducted by the British Pigeon Fanciers Medical Research (BPFMR) Team, on behalf of pigeon fanciers across the country. Pigeon Lung is probably the allergy which is experienced most amongst Pigeon Fanciers and has caused many of them to give up their pigeons.  
HDI Kraftfahrtversicherung   [278 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Exklusiv für Sie - als Brieftaubenzüchter - noch günstigerer HDI-Versicherungsschutz:
Spezielle Konditionen aufgrund Ihrer Verbandsmitgliedschaft  
Vet-Schroeder + Tollisan Pigeons Products   [254 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Willkommen auf der Webseite von Vet-Schroeder + Tollisan Pigeons Products.

Im Jahre 2010 fusionierten Dr. Vincent Schroeder (Schroeder Pigeons Products) und Johannes Jakobs (Tollisan) und gründeten die neue Tierarztpraxis und Brieftaubenfirma Vet-Schroeder + Tollisan BV, in Kerkrade (Niederlande).

Die bisherige Praxis von Dr. Schroeder in Bilzen (Belgien) bleibt zusätzlich weiterhin geöffnet.

Auf unserer Webseite finden Sie Informationen über die neue Tierarztpraxis in Kerkrade, unsere Brieftaubenprodukte und ein für Sie passendes Reisesystem. Die medizinische Gesundheitskontrolle ist ein sehr wichtiger Aspekt im modernen, erfolgsorientierten Brieftaubensport. Die Vet-Schroeder + Tollisan-Produkte sind frei von Doping und werden nach GMP-Qualität produziert. Dadurch haben Sie die Sicherheit, Ihre Brieftauben mit Qualitätsprodukten zu versorgen.

Die Fachkenntnisse der Taubenspezialisten Dr. Vincent Schroeder und Johannes Jakobs, sowie unsere Produkte werden für Sie der Schlüssel zum Erfolg sein.

Dr. Vincent Schroeder ist von Haus aus Taubenzüchter und reist mit seinem Vater gemeinsam erfolgreich auf der Weitstrecke. 1994 begann er sein Studium an der Universität in Lüttich.  
Pigeon Health & Performance   [249 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Pigeon Health & Performance is an assortment of Premium Pigeon Nutrition Supplements, used & recommended by Jos Thoné. We hope, dear fancier, that your pigeons will enjoy our products and, in combination with your experience, help you deliver top performances.  
Healthy Pigeons Naturally   [207 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Healthy Pigeons Blend is a custom blend of ingredients developed and improved by Bob Hambuchen over a period of 20 years. Today it is used by racing and show breeders around the world. Why? Because HEALTHY BIRDS WIN! Chances are good that the guy who consistently beats you is using our product. It is that good, and Nobody else has our formula, no matter what they say.  
VETPIGEON médicamenteux   [201 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Ces pages qui vous accueillent ont été crées par le Dr Bernard LEFEBVRE consultant quotidiennement des pigeons. Les informations données ont donc essentiellement un caractère médical. Nous vous présentons des "clefs" permettant d'avoir un panorama des principales maladies rencontrées chez les pigeons, leurs causes et les moyens utilisables pour les maîtriser. Elles ne peuvent en aucun cas se substituer au diagnostic établi par des vétérinaires et aux conseils qu'ils pourront vous prodiguer. Vous verrez combien en effet, certaines affections ayant des symptômes comparables, ont pourtant des causes très diverses.  
IDT Biologika GmbH   [179 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Die Paratyphuserkrankung eines Bestandes ist häufig nicht auf den ersten Blick sichtbar. Nach Experteneinschätzung sind mindestens 50% der Taubenschläge betroffen. Aufgrund der leichten Infektionsmöglichkeit und der Empfindlichkeit von Nestlingen und Jungtieren ist insbesondere die Nachzucht gefährdet.  

Breeding loft
Louella Pigeon World   [2749 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Since 1953, Louella Pigeon World have owned more International, National, Classic, Combine, Amalgamation, Federation, Open and multi first prize winners than any other loft.  
Cosworth Stud   [1359 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Jim Smith Family The entire collection of the 'Warley Legend' Jim Smith’s Frans Van Wildermeersch: After purchasing young birds from Jim's best champions throughout 2001.  
MOJAVE BREEDING STATION - USA   [1248 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
WHERE ONLY QUALITY & PROFORMANCE COUNT! We strive to breed only a quality and foundation pigeon that even you would be proud to own. All of our breeders on our breeding program are proven champion breeders off proven world champions. Our guarantee to you is simple. 2 full years from the date of purchase. If your not happy, Then were not happy and will replace any bird you purchased from us Mojave Breeding Station. We have bred many champions across the world today as well as many greats in the USA! Stop by and visit us at We will do our best for you and this great sport!  
Empire Breeding Station   [1087 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Winning pigeons breed winning birds. All our birds are bred in individual breeding pens. We specialize in breeding and racing premium quality racing pigeons and combine the very best birds from the United States, Canada, Europe and South Africa.  
Premier Racing Stud   [950 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We at Premier Stud take pride in our World Famous stock and couple them to provide us and our customers with young birds that we can watch grow and thrive and hopefully reach their potential to become champions. We believe every bird we produce has the potential to become a Champion, or we would not breed it!  
Ponderosa UK Stud   [891 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Welcome to our new website, we hope that this new site will provide you with all the information you require and that it will be a tool used by customers, friends and local fanciers. The site is still very much a “work in progress” as new pages are being added all the time.  
CrossLanders   [863 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
With almost twenty years of strict genetic and physical trait breeding we have produced Superior Breeding Stock with outstanding results. This is Breeding Stock that will produce for you a Racing Pigeon that is an athlete, "not just a pigeon with an impressive pedigree" one that can go week after week.  
Ponderosa Eijerkamp   [778 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We would like to welcome you to our renewed website and we wish you lots of fun reading.
At our website we would like to inform you about our incredible hobby, the pigeon sport. Pigeon sport is our passion in which we try to achieve nice and superb results with our racing pigeons. Next to this we also want to share with you, the way we are keeping our birds as well the activities and developments in our loft.  
AMERICAN PIGEON CENTER   [711 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
George Rankin was introduced to the Racing Pigeon Sport in Scotland and Jennifer Rankin was a practicing Neurological Medical Doctor in Shanghai and Beijing before marrying George and becoming his partner in a manufacturing business in Houston Texas.  
VIP lofts   [375 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Our stud pairs for the 2012/13 breeding season are nearly ready for release.

2. A few very special pairs will be announced. Limited number of offspring will be sold, so the first to deposit 20% will secure rights to the sensational new lines on offer.

3. Bloodlines never before imported to Australia, only at VIP Lofts.

4. Very special announcement regarding a new stud in the UK being setup to service Australian fanciers.  
Blenhaven Stud   [349 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Blenhaven Stud is an international breeding centre that only buys the best birds from around the world.

Specialising in breeds mainly Jos Thone’s, Houben’s and a few Janssen, Buisscheart an Verheye.

We have direct youngsters out of International Winners, an sons and daughters ½ the same as International winner.  
Centro de Criação - CCPombos Portugal   [346 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Centro de Criação - CCPombos Portugal; somos uma empresa vocacionada para a criação, competição e venda de pombos correios e suplementos alimentares para os mesmos, registada no serviço de finanças com o codigo CAE número, 01493 e 47762.

Informação do Quadro Reprodutor; neste espaço pretendemos colocar ao dispor de todos os visitantes, em foto os pombos que fazem parte do nosso actual quadro reprodutor, os seus respectivos pedigrees, dispomos de 90 ninhos que se destinam a casais testados e outros casais denominados ( Amas ), somos uma família apaixonada pela criação e competição de pombos correios, do mais jovem ao mais adulto, todos nós participamos nas tarefas de manutenção da colónia de reprodução como também nas chegadas das provas em que participamos, procuramos dar o melhor de nós aos nossos pombos em termos de condições de habitação, higiene, alimentação e saúde, para assim garantir a qualidade dos jovens pombos que criamos com a qualidade por nós exigida, todos os pombos aqui apresentados são de nossa propriedade, foram previamente seleccionados pela sua origem e resultados obtidos.  
FOF Pigeon sales   [344 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
I started racing pigeons in 1977 with the Newcastle and Coalfields Racing Pigeon Federation, in the Lake Macquarie Combine, as a member of the Mt Sugarloaf club. I raced until 1986, but due to being retrenched from work, I had to relocate to Jerry’s Plains about 50 km West of Muswellbrook NSW. This, I found out the hard way, was no place for racing pigeons. Plenty of Peregrine falcons

After retirement we moved back to Newcastle NSW in 2007 and so opened the door to racing pigeons again. After building my new loft in 2009, I commenced racing with a team of 65 young birds from my new location in Swansea in 2010.

I wanted to do well at Federation level, which had eluded me previously, so I purchased proven quality birds from Greg Hamilton. This included birds from the following pairings:

“Goldmine Cock” x “Alice 06”, “Phantom” x “Silvia”, “Planet 13” x “Goodwin hen”, “Planet 23” x “Phantom girl” & “Proteche” x “Bondi”.

With the exception of the Pryor-Goodger birds, the other birds “Van Loons” seemed to get along with me fine, and with the guidance of Greg on how to prepare and fly them, they proved to be a force to be reckoned with at Federation level. Please visit my results page.  
Tumley Lofts Stud   [318 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Here at Tumley Lofts Stud we house performance pigeons, with strains to pick from that will win from less than 50 miles with other strains that will win up to 700+ miles. Our aim is that every pigeon in the stock loft is either a winner itself or is son or daughter of a winner. With some strains we are very nearly there and every year we get closer to this aim.

The strains that we keep at Tumley Lofts Stud are, Leen Boers (sprint specialists), Janssen (sprint, middle distance and long distance), Van Den Bosch, Mike Ganus, Gaby Vandenabeele, Jos Thone (middle distance and long distance), Jan Aarden, Wim Muller Aarden and Van Geel Aarden.  
MYRTLE LOFTS   [316 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
At Myrtle Lofts our goal is very simple, we want to breed the best racing pigeons in the world, and everything about our program is geared toward breeding better racing pigeons. This means that in the early years we spent a great deal of money and effort acquiring some of the finest genes available in the sport for the purpose of establishing a world class gene pool from which we could work.  
Pioneer Lofts Australia   [288 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Welcome to Pioneer Lofts

For some time now we have been looking for something SPECIAL to add to our stud. Gerard Koopman's pigeons have been the standout everywhere they have raced and in all competitions. They are the perfect answer to my search!
Our standards are kept very high to ensure you are happy with the type and quality of birds you purchase from us.

I hope you enjoy our web site.

Godfrey Weis.  
Adelaide Premier Lofts   [286 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Adelaide Premier Lofts provides fanciers with an opportunity to acquire quality pigeons
from a range of successful Australian and European families.

I decided to channel my enthusiasm for the sport into creating a high standard stud
offering quality and variety to local fanciers, many of whom have benefited from pigeons
purchased from me.

In the years preceding the establishment of my breeding operations I raced with significant
success winning two SAHPA Open races and securing many high placings against very
strong competition.

I have been placed in the top twenty aggregate winners on several occasions. During these
years I have gathered high quality bloodlines from the likes of Grant Paterson and the late
John Pryor.

In addition to the proven Pryor/Goodger stock I have spared no excuse in supplementing
them with the following: Gaby Vandenabeele, Flor Engels, Leo Heremans, Van Dyck,
Geenen-Peters, Munnik, Van De Velde, Koopmans, Van Loons and others.  
Diamond Pigeon Stud   [265 clicks] :: [->Favorites]


Pigeon Auction
Elimar Pigeon Auction   [2972 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The future of Pigeon auctions is here! Featuring the top pigeons from the top lofts! Buy or sell your pigeons at the best pigeon auction site on the net.  
Hekkenklak Breeder And Auction Site   [2648 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Thanks for visiting the site.  
Auction site for pigeons   [752 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Het Duivenblad dankt U voor de MASSALE biedingen op onze bonnenverkoping! Iedereen die een aankoop heeft gedaan, wordt persoonlijk verwittigd…

We kijken uit, samen met U, naar onze verkopingen die zeer snel zullen volgen. Van zodra onze website VOLLEDIG in het Chinees vertaald is, komen deze online.

ps: onze server lag er met momenten enkele keren uit. Dit kwam door de veelvoudige bezoekers die we te verwerken kregen. We doen het nodige om dit in de toekomst te vermijden…  
The online pigeon auctions   [692 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Mega pigeon auction site join today racing pigeon auction  
Brieftauben Auction   [603 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Das Auktions-System ist benutzerbezogen und erfordert daher eine Registrierung. Diese Registrierung ist kostenlos, ebenso wie das Bieten bzw. Kaufen von Objekten. Das Lesen der einzelnen Auktionen erfordert keine Registrierung bzw. Anmeldung am System.  
Die-Brieftaubenauktion   [522 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Diese Internetseite wurde mit größtmöglicher Sorgfalt zusammengestellt. Trotzdem kann für die Fehlerfreiheit und Genauigkeit der enthaltenen Informationen keine Garantie übernommen werden. Wir schliessen jegliche Haftung für Schäden, die direkt oder indirekt aus der Benutzung entstehen, aus, soweit diese nicht auf Vorsatz oder grober Fahrlässigkeit beruhen.  

Pigeon Supplies
Vanhee Pigeon Products   [1525 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The Vanhee pigeon feed and complementary products designed to ensure an optimal performance and perfect health of your pigeons have been developed and prepared as the result of over 80 years and 3 generations of scientific research and practical field testing.  
PIGEON FEED & BULK FEEDS IN SOUTH YORKSHIRE   [1019 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
BJF Feeds is your one stop shop for bulk animal & pigeon feed, medicines and cage & aviary accessories. We are based in Sheffield and products can be purchased online through our website or by visiting our store.  
Rohnfried . Welcome to the website of Dr. Hesse Tierpharma   [892 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Welcome to the website of Dr. Hesse Tierpharma, better known to breeders of homing
pigeons under the name R?hnfried. These pages contain our entire range of products
along with the feeding and care schedules of well-known homing pigeon breeders.
Have fun at our site!

If you would like to place an order, please contact your specialist retailer.  
Orthophar Animal Care   [776 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Orthophar has chosen a simple and easy way, focusing on results. The foundation of your pigeon-management consists of 3 products: Optima, Entero and Energetica.  
Welcome to Pigeons Products International   [744 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Pigeons Products International is an online store with the highest range of products for racing pigeons, pigeons sports, race, pouter, class, etc. dedicated solely and exclusively to the pigeons. Here you can find everything you need for our birds, such as creating a good medicine cabinet and essential accessories with international products.  
Carr's   [689 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Suppliers of premium quality seeds, pellets & oils  
Telephone Number Rings & Electronic   [656 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Quickie Telephone Number Rings & Electronic Timing Systems for Pigeons  
FOYS PIGEON SUPPLIES   [637 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Our 2009-2010 is now available and is your free of charge. The catalog is 164 pages and is, by far, the largest pigeon-bird-small animal catalog available. The full color catalog is filled with products to fill just about anyon'es needs and wants. This latest catalog has been filled with not just great products, it is also a valuable resource when you have questions about health, housing, feeding, shipping, trapping and much, much, more.  
R.V. Woodcraft's Online Catalogue   [615 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Whether you're a racing pigeon enthusiast who wants the best for his birds or you're looking for a quality bargain like one of our new Timber bike sheds, we're confident you'll find our 2007 Catalogue full of great ideas.  
Natural Pigeon Supplies   [500 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
NAtural Pigeon Supplies  
Global Pigeon Supplies   [467 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Most of our shipments are made with UPS ground service. Next day, 2nd day air service or 3 day select service is available to most locations at an additional charge.  
Taylors Choice Pigeon Supplies & Healthcare   [448 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Taylors Choice are dedicated to providing it's customers with a massive range of brand leading pigeon supplies and healthcare products for fast and efficient UK and Worldwide delivery.

We do our best to maintain low prices for our customers, and our main aim is to provide great value for money and top quality service. We have a massive range of pigeon corns, stocking many top brands such as Bamfords, Bucktons, Countrywide, Gem, Marimans, Natural and Versele Laga. We also specialise in providing our customers with pigeon healthcare products, loft equipment and accessories and much more. All this is available for UK and worldwide delivery.  
InterPigeon - Pigeon Supplies & Healthcare   [416 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
InterPigeon are dedicated to providing it's customers with a massive range of brand leading pigeon supplies and healthcare products for fast and efficient nationwide delivery.

We do our best to maintain low prices for our customers, and our main aim is to provide great value for money and top quality service. We specialise in providing our customers with pigeon healthcare products, loft equipment and accessories and much more. All this is available for fast nationwide delivery.  
New England Pigeon & Livestock Supplies   [400 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
New England Pigeon & Livestock Supply, LLC is a family run business with a 56 year history with pigeons. Tony Patti was introduced to pigeons by his father at a very early age. His mother put them in her spaghetti sauce but little Tony soon discovered that there was more to these birds than met the palate, he has never been without them since 1949.  
Wilder Store is your one stop source   [400 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Wilder Store is your one stop source for the largest assortment of bird health care products, canary supplies, pigeon products, racing pigeon medicines, pigeon supplies, bird medicines, dog treatments and more.

We are the wholesale distributor of the most popular bird and pigeon health care brands like: Oropharma, Versele-Laga, Chevita, Rohnfried, Orlux, Funbird, Comed, Colman, Backs, Beyers, Natural, Vanhee, Dac, Belgica de Weerd and many others.  
Red Star Lofts   [375 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Alun is the founder of Red Star Lofts Ltd manufacturing quality pigeon racing equipment. He started Red Star Lofts in 1999 in a very small way working from his garage. Over the last twelve years due to his hard work and determination the business has grown considerably.  
Loja Online CC Pombos   [361 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Loja Online CCPombos; coloca à disposição de todos os columbófilos nacionais e internacionais, as marcas por nós apresentadas. O preço descrito é com IVA incluído à taxa em vigor. Os interessados podem assim usufruir deste nosso serviço e receber comodamente os produtos pretendidos na sua residência, todos os produtos podem ser enviados à cobrança, os custos de envio são excelentes, e da maior confiança pela empresa dos CCT.

Pigeon Product Store   [360 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Pallatts pigeon products store  
Baden Feed and Supply   [323 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Baden Feed and Supply has a reputation in the pigeon industry for having
clean, top quality feeds. We have a large number of regular mixes
and in addition, we welcome custom mixes as well. All of our mixes
are packaged in 22.68kg/50lb bags. We also carry a full line of grains;
safflower, maple, green, trapper and austrian peas, malt barley, hard
red wheat, millet's, milo's, rice, vetch, buckwheat, flax, canola,
canary seed, lentils, oat groats, and a variety of corn.

We are a family owned, quality driven company that can supply you
with top quality feeds. We also carry a large selection of pigeon supplies
from supplements to leg IDs.  
Cora Triumph Pigeons   [297 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Productos creados por Carlos Marquez Prats

Carlos Márquez Prats se introdujo en la colombofilia de la mano de su Padre a la edad de 14 años, haciéndose socio de la Sociedad Colombófila Mensajera de Barcelona. En aquel entonces presidida por D. Antonio Argullos Soler.

En el año 1956 ya empezó a ganar algún que otro premio. Era una sociedad muy competitiva, más de 100 colombófilos formaban el ente competidor. Nada menos que 100 palomares con verdaderos maestros de la colombofilia. Había que aprender mucho y rápido.

En el año 1958 ocupa el cargo de Secretario de la Sociedad, con 17 años, cargo que ocupó en 1958-1959-1960, a la vez que fue Campeón de su grupo ganando gran cantidad de trofeos.  
Brieftaubenzeitung   [287 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
wie Sie bestimmt schon bemerkt haben, handelt es sich bei und um eine Kooperation, um den Taubensport ein Stückweit mehr populär zu machen. Das Internet-Portal "" ist Ihre Adresse, um auch zukünftig Neuigkeiten zu Schlagberichten, As-Tauben als auch Meisterschaften rund um den Taubensport zu erhalten.  
Brieftauben-Abrechnungs-Service RiRo GmbH   [267 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
rieftauben-Abrechnungs-Service RiRo GmbH riro, brieftaube, preislisten, taubenzucht, unikon, la paloma  
Kennzeichnungsringe   [264 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
werden aus einem stabilen Kunststoff in hervorragender
Verarbeitung gefertigt.

Die Vorteile:
• gerundete Kanten, absolut gratfrei,
• beständig gegen Säuren und Laugen,
• UV-beständig
• temperaturbeständig bis weit über 100 °C, dadurch verfälschungssicher,
• kontrastreiche Beschriftung durch modernste Lasergravur, kratzfest und beständig,

Die Farben richten sich nach den Vorgaben der EE sowie der COM für das
jeweilige Ringjahr. Weitere Farben sind auf Anfrage lieferbar.  
Optimal versorgte Tauben werden nicht krank   [254 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Seit 25 Jahren begleiten wir Taubenzüchter durch das Jahr, vermitteln Zusammenhänge der optimierten Ernährung im Jahresrhythmus und sorgen mit unseren Naturprodukten für gesunde Tauben durch optimale Versorgung.

In dieser Zeit haben wir vergessenes Wissen mit neuen Forschungsergebnissen kombiniert und für Standards in der Taubenernährung gesorgt.

So stammen aus unserem Haus u.a. die Mauserergänzungen mit L-Methionin und Biotin, der Leberschutz durch Silymarin aus der Mariendistel, Usniotikum, das Konzentrat aus der Bartflechte, gegen Trichomonaden und Hexamiten, Kolsal-Kolostrum-Extrakt für das Immunsystem, die Kropfmixmischung für die Pflege im Kropf, Magen und Darm, die Reduzierung der Hülsenfrüchte im Futter und viele andere Innovationen. Niemand hat die Fütterung der Tauben so nachhaltig beeinflusst wie PerNaturam und den Herren Töllner und Heßel.  
Bessere Ausrüstung durch Forschung   [244 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Wenn Sie einen Artikel mit unserem Qualitätssiegel erwerben, können Sie mit Gewissheit davon ausgehen, dass es sich um einen einzigartigen Artikel mit formschönem und funktionellem Design handelt. Das Produkt ist das Ergebnis einer sorgfältig durchdachten Vorstudie. Das Smisdom Plastics Qualitätssiegel garantiert ebenfalls, dass die Produkte aus hochwertigen Kunststoffen gefertigt wurden.  
DOVITAL eine breite Palette von homöopathischen   [243 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Speziell für den Sport hat Dovital eine Linie Naturprodukte und Nahrungsergänzungsmittel entwickelt, die inzwischen in vielen Lofts erfolgreich eingesetzt werden.

Zusätzlich finden Sie Produkte von u.a. Dr. Vincent Schroeder, Tollisan, Dr. Brockamp, ​​Blubke ®, Giantel, GEM Supplements, Belgica de Weerd, Videx Jaap Koehoorn Products u.v.a.  
Racing Pigeon Supplies   [240 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Haspeslagh has been well known in the world of pigeon racing for over 50 years now. In that time Haspeslagh has become the number one manufacturer of all kinds of pigeon accessories.

In 2007 the company Haspeslagh was taken over by the company Savic. Savic is the world’s leading producer of all kinds of pet products and is active in 73 countries, on 5 continents.

The most important activities in pigeon racing are: the making of pigeon identification rings, the building of pigeon lofts and the manufacturing of pigeon accessories.  
Brieftauben markt   [235 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
HDI brieftauben-markt Championat 2011 - Ihre Bewerbung 2011. Betreiber, Informatiker - seit mehr als 30 Jahren IT-Managementaufgaben, 5 Jahre Geschäftsführer des Verbandes Deutscher Brieftaubenzüchter e.V., seit mehr als 40 Jahren Brieftaubenzüchter.  
Welcome to Garden Feathers   [235 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Supplies for chickens, pigeons, cage and aviary birds and wild birds - whether you're looking for feed, health products, feeders, drinkers, coops, bedding or even gift ideas, you'll find it here. Don't forget to enter our monthly competition and sign up for our monthly newsletter.  
Pigeons Products, Supplies and medicines   [228 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Pigeons Products, Supplies and medicines  
Pigeon transport by a.hartrodt   [225 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
a. hartrodt Belgium Airfreight n.v. specialises in air freight services all over the world.

This site was created specifically with respect to the transportation of pigeons.

As a medium-sized organization, with offices in Zaventem, Antwerp, Deurne and Menen, the company offers a personal and individual service.Because the company is not bound by agreements with shipping lines or airlines it can respond flexibly to the customer’s needs from a logistical point of view.The range of services includes global door-to-door, sea and air freight, cargo consolidation and container transport, export and import, warehousing, distribution, customs clearance and transport insurance.  
Bony Farma pigeon products   [190 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Bony Farma evolved from the desire and need to extend the professionalism in the medical (guidance) in pigeon-sport. The decade long involvement in pigeon-sport by veterinarian P. Boskamp of the Veterinary Centre Beek, resulted in the development of natural products, who contribute to the overall health of the pigeons.  
Internet-Taubenschlag   [187 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
In unserem Magazin finden Sie interessante Berichte rund um Tauben.Wir haben in den letzten 2 Jahren mit Online-Auktionen ca. 50.000 Euro für wohltätige Zwecke gesammelt. 100% des Erlöses wurden an unterschiedliche Organisationen gespendet.  
Scottdale Supply, LLC   [46 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Scottdale Supply offers the pigeon fancier the largest selection of pigeon related products in the area. Everything from many varieties of pigeon feeds from
Des Moines and Baden as well as Scottdale custom mixes for breeding and young and old bird racing. We carry medicines, vaccines & vitamins from Vita King, Global and Jedds.
Our goal is to have the products you desire.
Please alert us to any products or line of products we should be stocking.  

Pigeon Book

Pigeon Video
Pigeon Films   [972 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Paccom Films producer Jim Jenner presents his award winning pigeon documentaries and how to dvds & videos about pigeon racing, how to raise and train homing pigeons, breeding and keeping roller pigeons & how to design champion worthy pigeon lofts.  
Countryside Audio and Visual   [822 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
A name envied in Pigeon Racing for generations is John Puddephatt and his family. Racing since 1949 records prove he has been one of the most consistent flyers at top level including the National Flying Club - flying with only a very small team.  

Pigeon Magazines
Racing Pigeon Pictorial International   [736 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The only Independent Pigeon Weekly, over 100 years serving you the fancier  
Australian Racing Pigeon Journal   [536 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Welcome to the Australian Racing Pigeon Journal. The Journal is Australasia's premier pigeon sport magazine and is well respected worldwide with subscribers in 23 countries.  
PUREBRED PIGEON MAGAZINE   [516 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Showing, Performance, Breeding, Racing
or simply keeping pigeons for pleasure...
Since 2004, it's been covered in
Racing Pigeon Digest   [267 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The Racing Pigeon Digest is North America's leading periodical on the sport of racing pigeons. Founded in 1992. The Digest provides in depth articles on a variety of subjects on all aspects of the sport from breeding, bloodlines, racing systems, pigeon health and nutrition. The Digest has in depth articles by and on champion flyers.  
La vie Colombophile Belge   [205 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Les annonces des nationaux, les premières estimations, les meilleures performances, etc. dès le samedi soir sur notre site !!

Le dimanche matin, où que vous habitiez sur la planète vous serez au courant des résultats, presque définitifs, des grands concours nationaux...  

Pigeon Clubs/Organizations
Punjab Pigeon Club   [1089 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
To promote pigeon flying he established Shere Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh Pegion Flying & Breed Show Club. He became President of this club in 1984 and providing his services to the club till now.
The club organises two state level competitions annually.
Pigeon Flying Competition in May/June
Breed Show Competition in January/February
To know the details and terms and conditions for participation feel free to contact.  
FOOTHILLS RACING PIGEON CLUB   [1083 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Members present not recorded but observed as well attended. Previous meeting notes read and accepted. Treasurers report by Harold Caputo  
Racing Pigeons in Malta   [1081 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Racing Pigeons in Malta Way back after the second world war, late in 1945 a group of british ex servicemen who were residing in Malta and who were pigeon enthusiasts met together with a group of Maltese pigeon fanciers to set up a statute for the opening of a pigeon club in Malta.  
Up North Combine   [1043 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
A website created by a pigeon man for pigeon men/women.
We need your support with articals and imput.
Race results posted when we get them  
Pigeon Racing Federation in Auckland   [1018 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
About the Club
We are the Pigeon Racing Federation in Auckland, have an active membership and race program during the season. We meet weekly through the race season and are keen to offer help and advice to new members.  
The Solway Federation of Racing Pigeon Societies   [896 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The Solway Federation of Racing Pigeon Societies is a none profit-making organisation formed in 1928 to promote the traditional hobby of racing pigeons. The Federation consists of thirteen affiliated clubs situated throughout Dumfries and Galloway in the South West of Scotland.  
All Madras Homer Club   [812 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
All Madras Homer Club started on 1996. It's a chennai based club racing pigeons for the past 10 years. Club Members includes Doctors, Engineers and people from various fields racing pigeons as their hobby. Members import the pigeons from all over the world and breed out cross pigeons and these outcross pigeons will result in covering more distances than the normal pigeons.  
World of Wings Pigeon Center   [791 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The World of Wings Pigeon Center is a project of the American Homing Pigeon Institute and is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The American Homing Pigeon Institute was founded in 1973 to preserve the rich heritage of the domestic pigeon, act as a repository for documents and artifacts related to the family Columbidae and to serve as an educational resource.  
The Midwest Homing Pigeon Association   [753 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The Midwest Homing Pigeon Association website is Your informational portal to the Midwest Associations yearly events. Including, The Midwest National Old Bird Classic Race & The Midwest Convention held in conjunction with The Midwest Young Bird Race.  
The SCHE Pigeon Club   [735 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The SCHE Pigeon Club is a non-profit organization. As such, all monies collected
are used for the support of operations related to running the pigeon club. Money is
collected from member dues, from rent of a sub-let section (the second floor) of our
facility and from a small fee on special races and pools.  
North Road Championship Club   [728 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
To promote and encourage long distance pigeon racing from the north and for that purpose to organise races for the membership of the Club  
Texas Pigeon Association   [716 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Since 1908 serving the fancy pigeon enthusiast in Texas and surrounding states. Multiple pages including photos of fancy purebred show pigeons, articles on how to prepare your pigeons for showing, list of breeders, upcoming events and show results. Many of our members competitively fly and race their birds. Join us!  
Central Oregon Racing Pigeon Club   [702 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Club web site featuring our members.  
North Hudson Racing Pigeon Club   [701 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The North Hudson Racing Pigeon Club is one of the oldest clubs in New Jersey. Our members are composed of flyers from Union City, Jersey City, Hoboken, Bayonne and other surrounding areas. We fly with the Central Jersey Combine, one of the largest combines in the US.  
Heartland Racing Pigeon Federation   [682 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Welcome to the official website of the Heartland Racing Pigeon Federation, the fastest growing
racing pigeon organization in the upper Midwest.

The purpose of this organization is to engage in the friendly competition of racing registered
homing pigeons and to foster a positive social environment for members and their families; while
promoting the sport of racing pigeons.  
North West Flyers Racing Pigeon Club   [661 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The NWF Racing Pigeon Club was chartered to offer its members a club that would provide the best competition for the birds, and the best race results for the flyers. To achieve this we have no bird limits.  
Pakistan Homer Pigeons Club   [618 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
News, Events and Health Advise for Pigeon Keepers in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and India  
The Royal Pigeon Racing Association   [618 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The Royal Pigeon Racing Association is a national organisation representing the sport of pigeon racing in England, Scotland, Waleshrh.gif,Ireland, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar.  
Fort Sutter Racing Pigeon Club   [609 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The sport of breeding and racing pigeons is an exciting backyard family adventure! It provides quality time for families and teaches children responsibility and sportsmanship through competition in their local pigeon racing club. It provides opportunities for inquisitive minds to learn firsthand more about the pigeon's ability to navigate home, the nutritional and physical conditioning required to accomplish this feat with speed, and the genetic characteristics that makes a champion!  
Lyndhurst Homing Pigeon Club   [577 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Welcome to Lyndhurst Homing Pigeon Club! Home of the LCM Band Race "The Biggest & Best of New Jersey"  
Perth Amboy Racing Pigeon Club   [576 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Welcome to Perth Amboy Racing Pigeon Club  
Karnataka Racing Pigeon Club   [574 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Karnataka Racing Pigeon Club is the oldest known racing pigeon club in the whole of Karnataka.It was started in 1973 and has the unique accomplishment of having returns from Parbhani (700 kms as the crow flies) on the same day. In India we have barely 12 hours of sunlight and birds have done 700 kms before sundown many times over.  
Indian Racing Pigeon Association   [554 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The main aim of this site is to honor our own racing birds of which very little is known internationally. Our fanciers are as enthusiastic as any other fancier in the world.  
Welcome to the Rochester Racing Pigeon Club   [551 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We are a Pigeon Racing Club that is located in Southeast Minnesota. We have members from Rochester, Dodge Center, Austin, Faribault, Racine and several other towns in Southeast Minnesota. We have approximately 20 members in our club with a wide range of Pigeon Racing experience.  
MADURAI RACING PIGEON CLUB   [541 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
NORTH OF ENGLAND HOMING UNION   [534 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The Gulfcoast Homing Club   [530 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The Gulfcoast Homing Club (The GHC) is located 35 miles north of Tampa on the beautiful west coast of Florida.

We are the largest Pigeon Club in America with 200 members and growing monthly. Our membership is a who's-who of many of the well known names of the pigeon sport. Our ideal climate and reasonable cost of homes provides a quality of life for all pigeon racers and we have favorable zoning for the pigeons!  
The Dixie Combine   [526 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The Dixie Combine was formed to enhance the sport of racing pigeons, camaraderie among fanciers, and competition in South Georgia and Southeast Alabama and throughout the Southeastern and Southern U. S. by offering increased competition through the Southeastern Open.  
Scottish Homing Union   [507 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
This Website is for the members of the Scottish Homing Union and those with an interest in Pigeon Racing in Scotland. If there is any information that you feel is missing from this site that would be of value, please contact us with your suggestions.  
The Victorian Homing Association   [503 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The protection and improvement of Homing Pigeons and the encouragement and conduct of Federation Races.  
Northwest Indiana Racing Pigeon Club   [464 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Boundaries for club membership are from the East Rte. 421 south to Rte. 10 / 114 in Illinois.
From Rte. 114 north up Western Ave. to 103rd street. 103rd street to lake shore back to Rte. 421.  
Queen City Pigeon Club   [436 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Our site is dedicated to promote our club and the pigeon sport. We would like to let everyone know that we are also a normal people that spend time with our family that also love pigeons.  
Utah County Racing Pigeon Club   [429 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The UCA (Utah County Racing Pigeon Club) is located roughly 30 miles south of Salt Lake City. Our boundaries run about 35-40 miles from north end to south end starting in Lehi and going as far as Mona!
We are a 13-17 member club that has been actively flying since the mid '80's!

The UCA is a very friendly, diverse club with some members who have flown for 20+ years! We also have a handful of members who have flown less than 3. Our veteran flyers are always willing to help out the new guys with racing, breeding and feeding techniques as well as providing youngbirds if needed.  
Red Bluff Pigeon Club   [417 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The Red Bluff Pigeon Club was founded in 1998 in Red Bluff, CA by Walt and Marge Shaffer and other local pigeon fanciers. Red Bluff is at the northern end of the beautiful Sacramento Valley, though current members are spread north to Cottonwood and south to Corning and Los Molinos. The club strives to promote the breeding and care of healthy homing pigeons as well as a competitive young bird racing season, culminating in a 300+mile race from Bend, Oregon each fall.  
Imus Flyers League   [397 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Pigeon racing is a sport involving the release of specially trained racing pigeons, which then return to their homes over a carefully measured distance.  
Longhorn Invitational Racing Pigeon Association   [392 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
It is our mission to promote the sport of pigeon racing through sportsmanship, education and fellowship. If we can help answer any questions regarding the Sport, our Association, or any of our Member Clubs, please click on a name at the top of the page to email. You will also find contact information for each member listed in their respective Club.  
Victorian Racing Pigeon Union   [392 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The Victorian Racing Pigeon Union is managed by a President, Secretary and 9 committee members who act on behalf of the membership under the auspices of the rules and regulations contained in the constitution.

In 2000, the Victorian Racing Pigeon Union played a significant part in the development of the Victorian Code of Practice for the keeping and Racing of Pigeons. The principle effect of this code is to ensure the welfare of the pigeons remains the prime consideration in all activities associated with the sport of racing pigeons.  
UNION COLOMBOPHILE DE CHATEAUROUX - DEOLS   [372 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Nous sommes rattachés à la 9ème Région Colombophile qui regroupe 5 départements:
Indre - Indre & Loire - Maine & Loire - Vienne & Deux-Sèvres

Nous sommes affiliès à la Fédération Colombophile Française
54 Boulevard Carnot - 59000 LILLE
sous le n° 36656  
Chennai Homing Pigeon Fanciers Association   [356 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
CHPFA was started in the year in Chennai, Anna Nagar. By a group of friends who were breeding the homing pigeons for decades and also racing in different parts of the city clubs. They had the common dream to develop the hobby of pigeon sporting among the youngsters in their area. The motive was also to create an arena for fair play in this sport and to literate and facilitate the fanciers to indulge in a more professional way. Even though there are many other clubs / associations existing CHPFA's policies helped them to prolong even after 10 years.  
INTERGRUPPO CUNEO-TORINO-TORINO   [302 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Le Cercle Colombophile des Longs Cours des trois Frontières a connu une mutation en 2006.
En effet, le club était organisateur d’un concours international sur Montélimar durant six ans. Les adhérents avaient organisé cette compétition au bénéfice d’une association caritative dirigée vers l’enfance,à savoir Avenir Dysphasie Lorraine.
La concurrence, mais aussi le manque de volonté de nos partenaires colombophiles nous obligèrent à modifier notre but initial.
Nous soutenons toujours l’association caritative, mais nous avons modifié le but sportif de notre club.
Aujourd’hui, nous proposons aux adhérents deux formules de Championnats et As pigeons.  
Gruppo colombofilo Ali Toscane   [255 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
I Gruppi colombofili di Ali Toscane, Caserta ed Ali Latine hanno intenzione di organizzare una gara internazionale con lancio da Porto Torres (Sardegna) il 30 giugno 2012. La competizione, denominata “Gran Premio del Mare”, sarà riservata ai colombofili delle regioni che si affacciano sul mar Tirreno. L’invito alla partecipazione è stato già esteso anche agli allevatori francesi e spagnoli della zone costiere mediterranee contattando, via email, le seguenti organizzazioni:  
Jan Aarden Pigeons Club   [245 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
In the Gallery of Fame we present the best Jan Aarden Pigeons of today. You will find world-class top racers and breeders here! The best pigeons in the world for the marathon races!

The ultimate goal of the Jan Aarden Pigeon Club is to give passionated long distance fanciers all around the world the up to date information about the Jan Aarden marathon strain and to present the best pigeons of today!  
Società Colombofila Astigiana   [236 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Cari Amici colombofili,
vi do il benvenuto sul sito della Società Colombofila Astigiana, prima "finestra" on line della nostra associazione che vi mostrerà tutte le attività ed i risultati delle prossime stagioni di gare colombofile, oltre ad ogni novità a livello nazionale ed internazionale, con uno sguardo alle curiosità ed alle novità del nostro settore.
Nella speranza che questo strumento possa essere di aiuto non solo per i nostri soci ma anche per tutti coloro che vi
accederanno, non mi resta che farvi il mio migliore "in bocca al lupo" per questa annata sportiva.  
L'ASSOCIATION COLOMBOPHILE AGENAISE   [220 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Club Columbòfil Baix Llobregat   [219 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Según consta en los archivos de la Real Federación Colombófila Española, el Club se fundó el día 3 de Febrero de 1960. Tomando como base el Libro de Actas del Club, legalizado ante Notario en 1991, pasamos a exponer de forma resumida aquello que a partir de ese año se ha considerado más importante.

El primer Presidente y el primer Secretario del Club fueron, respectivamente, D. Luis Sanglas Picazo y D. Juan Ibáñez Solá. Existe un período de tiempo (1960 - 1990) del que no disponemos de datos, ya que la documentación del Club no se ha podido localizar.  
Club de demi-fond de l'arrondissement de CAMBRAI   [216 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Club de demi-fond de l'arrondissement
Promouvoir les concours de demi-fond dans
l'arrondissement de CAMBRAI.

Permettre aux colombophiles de se rencontrer dans
une ambiance amicale et conviviale.  
Club de Fond Wallonie   [216 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Bienvenue sur le site du Club de Fond Wallonie. Groupement de sociétés colombophiles pour l'organisation de concours de demi-fond et de fond.  
Zabbar Pigeon Club   [201 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Welcome Zabbar Pigeon Club  
Midlands National Flying Club   [199 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
1st National Joy for Mr & Mrs Auker Never has the diversity of National racing been more clearly underlined by the first two Midlands National flying Club races. In the first race the wind was of a south-easterly and the north-western areas of the club profited.  
Lindenhurst Homing Pigeon Club   [198 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Welsome to Lindenhurst Homing Pigeon Club  
Regionalverband 409 Münsterland   [197 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Der Vorstand des Regionalverbandes 409 „Münsterland“ lädt Sie herzlich ein, frohe Stunden im Kreise gleich gesinnter Sportfreunde zu verbringen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen und Gut Flug!
Bernd Hollmann, Regionalverbandsvorsitzender  
Quebec Federation of Racing Pigeons   [194 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
In Quebec, the racing pigeon sport was originally implemented and organized by the Belgian Walloon and Flemish immigrants who founded the first club - called Montreal Racing Pigeon Association (MRPA) - in Montreal, Quebec; MRPA held the first official competition in 1893, on a distance of 21.5 km, in Ste-Anne de Bellevue at the corner of Mont Royal and Park Ave.  
Regionalverband 407   [182 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Herzlich Willkommen

Wir möchten Sie herzlichst auf der Seite des Regionalverbandes 407 willkommen heißen.

Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Spaß beim stöbern.  
Verband Deutscher Brieftaubenzüchter e.V.   [181 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Die Geschichte des Brieftaubensports in Deutschland ist wesentlich älter als der 125-jährige Verband. In Aachen fanden sich um 1834 einige Sportfreunde zusammen, um den ersten Brieftaubenzuchtverein zu gründen. Sie gaben ihm den Namen „La Colombe“, die „Brieftaube“. Treibende Kraft war Adolf Zurhelle, der auch mit seinen Zuchtbemühungen die damalige Brieftaubenzucht im Wesentlichen geprägt hat.  
RV Coesfeld   [177 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Wir wünschen allen unseren Mitgliedern und Freunden ein Frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr

Preislisten der RV-Coesfeld  
Federazione Colombofila Italiana   [163 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Sono felice di dare il benvenuto a tutti i colombofili, a tutti coloro che desiderano conoscere di più ill colombo viaggiatore ed i suoi allevatori oltre che naturalmente ai visitatori che comunque si accostano alla nostra pagina.

Il sito oltre a fornire una informazione completa ed interessante sul mondo del colombo viaggiatore, vuole rappresentare un valido sistema di comunicazione e di trasmissione delle informazioni per gli addetti ai lavori e per i semplici appassionati.  
American Racing Pigeon Union   [155 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The history of pigeons as message carriers goes back over 5,000 years. However, none of the various types of pigeons used as the early message carriers were capable of flights much farther than about 40 miles. Nevertheless, by the middle of the twelfth century A.D., a well-organized pigeon post, with post office and postmasters, was being maintained. By 1819, however, the homing pigeon was developed sufficiently to fly 200 miles in a day, and at that time when the principle mode of travel was either by foot or horse, 200 miles was a great distance. For centuries, because Homers were the fastest and most reliable means of communication, leading newspapers of many countries used them to carry news of importance. And, in the early nineteenth century, Homing Pigeons were used in many Belgium cities to bring news of stock exchange quotations from London across the English Channel.  
Canadian Racing Pigeon Union   [151 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The Canadian Racing Pigeon Union is an organization that is dedicated to the growth, promotion and support of pigeon racing in Canada. We will, through the use of best practices and the wise use of technology, achieve our goals in a cost effective and efficient manner.  
Türkiye Güvercin Federasyonu   [44 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
1964 Yılında İSTANBUL ’da doğumlu Mustafa HAYIROĞLU evli ve üç çocuk babasıdır, ilk ve orta okul tahsilini İSTANBUL ’da tamamlayan başkanımız halen inşaat sektöründe faaliyet gösteren HAYIROĞLU İNŞAAT'ın sahibidir. Başkanımızın güvercin merakı 1973 yılında henüz 9 yaşındayken Taklacı Oyun güvercini ile başladı. 1992 yılında Posta yarış güvercinlerinin Türkiye’ye gelmesiyle çok sevdiği Taklacı Oyun güvercini yetiştiriciliğine ara verdi ve 1992 yılına Posta yarış güvercini yetiştiriciliğine başladı 1992-2011 yılları arasında yapılan Posta yarış güvercini organizasyonlarının tamamına katılan başkanımız halen bu ırkı yetiştirmeye devam etmektedir. Aynı zamanda Türkiye Taklacı Oyun Güvercini Komisyon Başkanlığını sürdürerek marmara bölgesi Taklacı Oyun Güvercini yarışmacılığını aktif olarak devam ettiriyor. Komisyonları işler vaziyete getirdi. Federasyon başkanımız Mustafa HAYIROĞLU 2006 yılında İstanbul Posta yarış güvercini derneklerinin katılımlarıyla kurulan Türkiye Güvercin Federasyonu ‘nun Kurucu üyesidir Türkiye’de güvercin yetiştiriciliğinin gelişimi ve ıslah konularında çok sayıda çalışmaya önderlik yapmıştır. Halen Türkiye Güvercin Federasyonu Başkanlığı görevine devam etmektedir.  

Racing method

Loft Manufactures
Pigeon Loft   [5647 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Loft manufactures  
Quality Pigeon Lofts   [4395 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
All of our pigeon lofts are made to customer individual specifications.  
Exclusive Pigeon Lofts   [3416 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
At Petron we are renowned internationally as the most advanced loft manufacturers in the World. Our unrivalled designs and high level of workmanship have brought us this prestigious acclaim.  
Racing Pigeon (Loft) Breeding Equipment   [3052 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Our special service is a three years guarantee on all installations with electric powered conveyor belts on condition of a proper use and regular maintenance.  
Park Hall   [2438 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We supply plywood widowhood boxes with dowel fronts, also Pipo boxes .  
SWANLEY   [2382 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Thank you for your interest in our products. We offer a service to our customers that is SECOND TO NONE. Our quality buildings are constructed in our own workshops at Petham Court Farm, Swanley, Kent, using only the best quality materials. We specialise in made to measure buildings of any shape or size, made to your specific requirement.  
Welcome to ECCO SHEDS   [1184 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Welcome to ECCO SHEDS, your number 1 bespoke Timber Building Specalist.
Take a look at a sample of our range of timber building, from Deluxe pigeon Lofts and Stables, to summer houses, sheds and animal houses.  
Les Turner Aviaries & Sheds   [871 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Les Turner Aviaries & Sheds is a family owned and operated business. We have been building aviaries and sheds for over 30 years.

We guarantee our workmanship.

We have an extensive range and can design an aviary, shed, cattery etc to your specific requirements.  
Taubenschlagbau Schorr   [694 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Der Taubenschlag ist nur 2 Jahre alt und verfügt über 26 Wittwerzellen verteilt auf 3 Schläge. Die Zellen können auch als Jugtiersitzregal genutzt werden, da Sie nach Bedarf verstellbar sind. 4 Meter der Schlaganlage sind mit Kotschubladen und Merantiholzroste ausgestattet, der übrige Meter nur mit Holzroste. Desweiteren verfügt der Taubenschlag über einen Gang von 4,00 m L x 0,90 m B.  
Best Pigeon Coop   [561 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Here at Best Coops we take pride in every project we under take. Wood working and building is our passion!!

Everyone knows that the best eggs come from happy, healthy chickens.

Having chickens in your own back yard is great for them and good for you as well. Aside from the obvious benefit of your own fresh eggs, chickens are entertaining, affectionate and free pest control.

Here at Best Coops we are excited to be able to offer our newest chicken coop designs to make keeping chickens in your backyard easy and affordable.  
Taubenschlagbau Ottens   [360 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Das Unternehmen konstruiert, produziert und errichtet Taubenschläge für den Garten, zeigt diese auf Bildern und informiert über deren Abmessungen.  
Element Taubenschlag   [345 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Das Unternehmen konstruiert, produziert und errichtet Taubenschläge für den Garten, zeigt diese auf Bildern und informiert über deren Abmessungen.
• Fertige Elemente auf solider

• mit leichtgängigen Schiebetüren


• Deckenabhängung

• Fußboden

• Dachkonstruktion mit Dachlatten

• Eingangstür

ohne Pfannen (mit Pfannen möglich)

• leichtgängige Schiebefenster

• Voranstrich

• Trennwände  
Zimmer Holzbauarbeiten   [264 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Bei Taubenschlägen kann auch ein Sitzregal eingebaut werden.
Es können auch mehrere Auslaufklappen eingebaut werden um einen Wechsellauf zu ermöglichen oder die Tiere zu trennen. (Preis auf Anfrage)
Die Ställe sind zerlegbar in Wand-, Fußboden- und Dachteile, um einen guten Transport zu ermöglichen.  
Blake Sheds and Fencing Ltd   [196 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We welcome any enquiries regarding our services, or for booking appointments. Please feel free to contact us to discuss these matters.  

Pigeon Show
14th International PigeonMarket   [1036 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
For years, more than 360 exhibitors have succesfully promoted their products as regular customers on both sales days. Approximately 45,000 visitors regularly attend the International PigeonMarket to keep themselves in good supply for their hobby.  
International Racing Pigeon Show   [197 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
FUGARE, the international racing pigeon show, was held for the first time in February 2011 in Kortrijk Xpo, Belgium. Almost 7000 visitors poured in from the Benelux and Northern France and far beyond to check out this new event. Buses from the UK, Spain and France could be seen in the car parks at Kortrijk Xpo. A first for Belgium, the home of pigeon racing!

Pigeon fanciers who missed the event, missed a lot: a wealth of contacts were laid at FUGARE and huge volumes of material were snapped up by young and old, from baskets and drinking bottles to pens and cages. The squabs � young pigeons � offered for sale were also soon sold out, since this was the ideal time of year. The 2nd edition of this successful event is scheduled for 18 & 19 February 2012 in Kortrijk Xpo (B).  

Pigeon Feeds
BEYERS PIGEON MIXTURES   [1531 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Thanks an all-out commitment to its quality policy, Beyers Belgium has developped into one of Belgium's major producers of pet food products, specializing in grain mixes and conditioning products for all bird species in general and for racing pigeons in particular. You can find nutrition schemes in the category "nutrition schemes".  
Sparkling Clean Pigeon Feed   [1423 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Today, thousands of tons of quality Purgrain and private label pigeon feeds are produced yearly at our Souderton, PA facility.  
Matador pigeon feed   [1379 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Welcome at Matador

Matador composed a new line of pigeon food, in which they processed the latest scientific knowledge in that area. With great care the choice for seeds and corns was made, to ensure an optimal result. Matador pigeon food certainly operates by the standards of their own philosophy, leaving no matters to coincidence. Every part is approached well considered. And therefore results improve! Matador, because developments never stop …  
OLDELM PIGEON MIXTURES   [1014 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Supplement your Old Elm? mixes with the following products available from Reinders  
John Sturman Ltd   [751 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Your Traditional Corn and Seed, Horse, Pet, Pigeon, Poultry and Animal Feed Merchants, serving the West Midlands and surrounding areas. We are a long established family business offering a wide range of animal feedstock, bedding and garden products.  
Pigeon seed mixes   [687 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Jones Seed Company provides many different types of pigeon seed mixes. Our nutritional products are designed to help your birds maintain good health and fitness. Please browse our product list below to view our product line for pigeons.  
CountryWide - The Best of British Pigeon Mixtures   [646 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Research has shown that if oil is used in the mixtures the muscle can adapt to using it as an energy source. In CountryWide mixtures the diet oil comes from Safflower, Linseed, Rape Seed, Naked Oats and Cod Liver Oil. In the Hi Pro Energy Mix the levels are further increased by the inclusion of Roasted Soya Beans, Peanuts and Aniseed Oil.  
Ovator - Qualitätsfutter für Brieftauben   [642 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Die Ovator Brieftaubenfutter sind sowohl bei Züchtern als auch bei Brieftaubensportlern in ganz Deutschland und über die Grenzen hinaus geschätzt und als „Erfolgsgarant“ bekannt. Dies liegt zum einen an der außergewöhnlich guten Qualität der verwendeten Rohstoffe zum anderen an der am Bedarf der Tauben orientierten Zusammensetzung der Brieftaubenfutter. Das Ovator Expertenteam Brieftaube, bestehend aus Wissenschaftlern und Top-Züchtern, arbeitet stetig an der innovativen Weiterentwicklung unserer Taubenfutter. Darüber hinaus werden unsere Neuheiten in vielen Top-Schlaggemeinschaften getestet, um besonders die Praxiserfahrung in unsere Forschung mit einfließen zu lassen. Denn wir wissen, Brieftauben sind Spitzensportler und brauchen das ganze Jahr über eine vollwertige und ausgewogene Ernährung, ob in der Reisezeit, der Zucht, der Mauser oder für die Jungtaube.  
Teurlings pigeon racing mixtures   [577 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The name Teurlings should ring a bell with most pigeon fanciers. After all, Teurlings quality food has been a household name for more than 80 years. The beginnings were simple enough: a dutch producer of cattlefood and pigeon/bird mixtures from Waalwijk; it has since expanded to all four corners of the world. From Taiwan to Germany and from the UK to Japan, Teurlings’ food has been the engine behind not just first-class show results, but also star performance in all classes of the sport. Teurlings is justifiably seen as the specialist in composition of successful food, which is an achievement these days, when most pigeon fanciers often elect for their own method of feeding.  
Alfana Taubenfutter   [370 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Diese Zimmermanns Spezialmischung wird als Zucht- und Aufzuchtfutter eingesetzt. Durch die Beimischung von Zuchtkorn erhalten die Jungtiere in kurzer Zeit einen Futterbrei, der sehr Energiereich und hoch verdaulich ist. Der Mischung werden flüssige Vitamine und reiner Honig beigemischt.  
Des Moines Feed   [351 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Des Moines Feed Company has manufactured pigeon mixes since the early 1960’s. The variety of mixes has expanded over the years as pigeon fanciers have made requests for specific blends.
Knowing quality and cleanliness are two musts for healthy pigeons, great emphasis is placed on consistent cleaning and mixing procedures. Each different blend is formulated with the nutrient well‑being of the pigeon in mind, and NOT “least cost formulation” contrivances.
Des Moines Feed Company specializes in custom mixing for the serious fancier who has a proven formulation that does best for his loft.  
Hindustan Animal Feeds   [345 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The name of Hindustan Animal Feeds stands for trust and quality as a Bird Feed Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier. Our Bird Feed is specially prepared by the experts, using high quality ingredients that are 100% organic in nature. Duly tested by experts in best hygienic conditions, our Bird Feed is of assured quality and has high nutritional value that confirms their safe edibility for animals. We offer Duck Feed, Emu Feed, Turkey Feed, Game Bird Feed, Ostrich Feed, Parrot Feed, Pigeon Feed and Quail Feed of best quality and at competitive prices.  
Seed Factory Pigeon Feed   [319 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
"The Mark of Quality" our Premium Pigeon line has an assortment of grains and a far greater variety than any of our other mixes. These mixes are designed for racing pigeons and have the concept of the AM/PM feeding. When feeding these blends morning or night your birds will burn carbohydrates while they train and replenish essential fats at night before sleeping.
An athlete needs its proper nutrients in order to stay healthy during race season. The 12.75% and 14.5% are designed for the veteran athletes. The 13.5% and 15% are designed to feed your younger athletes.  
Top Flight Pigeon Feed   [277 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Travis now has all types of Wheatland “Top Flight” Pigeon Feed For Sale. This is high quality feed. All the Top Flight mixes include probiotic. Top Flight Probiotic is a duel balanced enzyme supplement to improve your feed. Designed to advance your teams digestion, it will enhance the endurance of your racing birds! Top flight has an essential array of balanced enzymes and trace mineral electrolytes for your team optimal performance. This is an essential part of a modern loft program.  
J Kilpatricks Bird Seeds   [273 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
J Kilpatricks bird seeds have created a range of pigeon feeds to specifically provide key nutrients to various varieties of pigeon across their lifespan and discpline. J Kilpatricks bird seeds have developed its pigeon feeds with some of the UK and Irelands top pigeon breeders and racers to ensure that each type of feed works at its absolute best for its intended purpose..  
Quality Pigeon Feeds   [265 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
At Quality Feed & Garden, we've carved a niche to become the largest supplier of pigeon products on the Texas Gulf Coast. Purina Mills Inc. has developed some of the cleanest and freshest feed available today! And so, we've dedicated ourselves to making this outstanding selection of pigeon feeds available to customers in the Houston region.  
Garvo Brieftaubenfutter   [247 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Taubensport ist ein Leistungssport und jeder Taubenliebhaber strebt nach einem Weiterkommen. Dazu benötigt man zunächst eine gute Taube. Eine Spitzentaube kann ihre Qualität nur dann zeigen, wenn sich Fütterung, Gesundheit und Ihre Versorgung und Aufmerksamkeit im Gleichgewicht befinden.

Wer den besten Weg geht, kann aus zwei Futterserien wählen: Die komplette g-spirits Mischung oder die traditionellen reichhaltig sortierten prestige Mischungen. Bei g-spirits haben Handhabung und Einfachheit für Sie zentrale Bedeutung, da Leistung und Gesundheit für Ihre Tauben am wichtigsten sind. Die g-spirits Mischungen sind komplett und einfach zu verwenden. Sie brauchen in jeder Periode der Saison nur eine Mischung und Sie brauchen außer Grit nichts hinzuzufügen. Die g-spirits Mischungen sind somit ein gewaltiges Instrument, um Spitzenergebnisse zu erreichen.  
Hesa Taubenfutter   [230 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Wir bedienen mit unseren Marken und speziellen Produkten den Lebensmittelhandel, Baumärkte, Großhandel, Landesproduktenhandel Vogel- und Taubenzüchter, Zoofachhandel, Garten- u. Landschaftsgestalter sowie Golfplätze.

Durch unsere langjährige Kompetenz und die ausgezeichnete Fachkenntnis aller unserer Mitarbeiter ermöglicht diesen sehr vielfältigen Kundenkreis zu bedienen und jedem Kunden das Vertrauen in unser Unternehmen zu danken.  
Neuendorff Taubenfutter   [224 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Die Mischung großer Erfahrung und innovativem Handels im Tauben-Ernährungsbereich wird durch viele Gewinner, insbesondere durch die neue B4-Premiumlinie, reichhaltig belohnt.
Die Übersichtlichkeit des Neuendorff-Angebots lässt Sie schnell und unkompliziert zu Ihrem Produkt finden. Die Fütterungsempfehlungen sind mit preisgekrönten Züchtern abgestimmt und erfolgreich getestet worden.

Wir wünschen Ihnen nun viel Spaß beim Entdecken und staunen Sie wie greifbar nah auch Ihr Erfolg sein kann.  
Energy Korn Tauben Energiefutter   [217 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
„EnergyKORN® harmoniert in den Futterplänen ideal mit TerraKORN®. Das perfekte Doppel auf natürlicher Grundlage sorgt für den Extra-Power-Kick und nachhaltige Endspurtreserven Ihrer Tauben!”  
HAVENS Taubenfutter   [211 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Die HAVENS Taubenfutter entsprechen den höchsten Qualitätsanforderungen, denn für uns steht die Sicherheit von Mensch und Tier im Vordergrund. Das Futter ist selbstverständlich 100 % pflanzlich und enthält kein Tiermehl.

Die SUPER Qualität von HAVENS sorgt für einen Vorsprung bei jeder Reise. Denn das verwendete Getreide ist rein natürlich, wurde nicht mit Öl geputzt und ist ohne chemische Zutaten. Dadurch bleiben Geschmack und Haltbarkeit erhalten.

Über das Menü am linken Bildrand finden Sie weitere Informationen über unser Unternehmen, Produkte, die Verfügbarkeit und Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen.  
Lechner Qualitäts-Taubenfutter   [211 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Wir stellen seit 40 Jahren Qualitäts-Taubenfutter her - dreifach gereinigt, staubfrei und in vielen bewährten Zusammensetzungen. Aber auch individuelle Futtermischungen ganz nach Ihren Vorstellungen sind ab bestimmten Abnahmemengen möglich.

Neben unserem Taubenfutter und einer Vielzahl einzelner Saaten führen wir Artikel aller namhaften Firmen wie  
Baden Feed and Supply   [53 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Baden Feed and Supply is owned and operated by Tim Scheerer, his brother Roger and their retired father Merv. Tim and his father originally bought the company from Dennis Smith in 1989. Located just outside of Kitchener in Baden, the company has become a major North American distributor of customized blends of feeds for a variety of birds, including homing pigeons.  

Electronic Clocking Systems
Atis-Benzing electronic timing system   [2777 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
BENZING is one of the brands rich in tradition in recording times in pigeon sport and offers a state-of-the-art technological standard thanks to Gantner know-how. We supply breeders and clubs electronic registration systems, loft antennas and chip-rings on the basis of non-contact identification technology.  
UNIKON electronic timing system   [2419 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
In 1995, deister electronic entered the arena of Sports Timing to create UNIKON - to this day the world's most advanced electronic clock for pigeon racing.  
TIPES electronic timing system   [1958 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Universal Standard Tipes Bus
connection for the new antenna-generation
(maximum 32 antenna; optional. until
64 antenna)  
BRICON electronic timing system   [1807 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
BRICON started under BAWIBO Electronics in 1997. At the end 2000, due to the foundation of a new company, BRICON started booming at was taken almost immediately into the international spotlights. Meanwhile Bricon is represented in about 30 different countries.  
Mega electronic timing system   [1751 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Will give you 5 years of factory guarantee and 5 years software guarantee. Only Mega has a copy clock, second race clock and double clocking system in one system. Reports the pigeons through an SMS message by the usage of one mobile phone (GSM).  
TAURIS electronic timing system   [1724 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The Electronic Clocking System  
TauRIS electronic clocking system   [645 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We are extremely satisfied with the TauRIS electronic clocking system. TauRIS clocks are extremely reliable and undergo extensive testing in Germany. TauRIS clocks always register your racing pigeons. The name TauRIS equals Quality. As a dealer for TauRIS, I strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction and I will do everything I can to help you and your club.  
Benzing Atis Electronic Timers and Accessories   [557 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Benzing Atis Electronic Timers and Accessories

The Atis Top and accessories that are compatible with it are listed on this page.
Other accessories can be found on the Benzing Accessories page.  

Eyesign tutorial
EYESIGN TUTORIAL   [1831 clicks] :: [->Favorites]


Pigeon transporters
NEW DESIGNED TRANSPORT SYSTEMS   [1629 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We make and supply a complete range from AN ALUMINIUM TRAINING CRATE with drinker FOR 20 PIGEONS TO PIGEON TRANSPORTERS AND ARTICULATED TRAILERS FOR UP TO 8000 BIRDS. And many items in between. For instance a) a portable box unit for 45 pigeons with 3 aluminium crates and drinkers providing hygienic and comfortable transport in any brand of hatchback car. b) Car mini trailers for 160, 240 and 320 pigeons; with other sizes on request. We can tailor our products to meet individual requirements.  
Universal Pigeon Products   [895 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
We at Universal Pigeon Products are dedicated in delivering to you the best in fabricated pigeon products. All products have been designed by Jeff Greenaway, a dedicated and highly successful pigeon fancier, and are fabricated using modern materials and fabrication techniques.  
Pigeon Trailers   [795 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Custom built trailer for transporting and releasing racing pigeons. This trailer had a custom built rack system capable of holding 96 bird cages and a release system so the doors on all 96 cages could be opened simultaneously. This trailer also had a custom tongue mounted wind breaker/storage box, roof ventilators, canvas sides and running boards for ease of loading. What ever your need in bird transportation let us work with you to achieve the ultimate goal you desire.  

Pigeon products
Pigeon Box   [862 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
"Boxes for Birds©" are designed, sold and used by a life-long pigeon flyer who wanted to ship his own birds in a container with an abundance of interior airflow and the best HEPA material available. Our new boxes represent an advancement in the shipment of live birds with features you would use if you built your own box.  

Pigeon Software
PIGEON LOFT ORGANIZER   [698 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Pigeon Loft Organizer software provides a quick and easy way for you to manage all your pigeon data.
You can quickly see all your pigeon records, pedigrees, race results, race information and more at a glance. No more looking for sticky-note reminders or lost scraps of paper.  

Pigeon medicines
mycoplasmen, chlamydien and bacteria in racing pigeons   [691 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
A magistral prepared water soluble powder for treatment and control of infections caused by ornithosis-complex pathogens like sensitive mycoplasmen, chlamydien and bacteria in racing pigeons. To use with pigeons with signs from the ornithose-complex like infected eyes dirty or wet noses, breathing sounds, red and wet throat, flying with open beak etc.

1 spoonful per 2 litre drinking water during 6 days When 20 pigeons drink more than 1 litre a day reduce or raise the dose proportionally.
6 days. If serious infections occur, the advice is to give additionally an injection with Orni-Injection.
After treatment or injection give multivitamins for 2 days.  
HYPERDRUG PIGEONS   [608 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
All pigeon owners are required by law to vaccinate their pigeons against paramxyo virus. At Hyperdrug we have tried to make this requirement as hassle free as possible with our Easijector. Easijector is a precision designed instrument, which has two settings so that it can be used for both Nobivac and Colombovac.  
Pigeon Racing Meds   [564 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Whether you are breeding pigeons, racing pigeons, as a hobby or a business, you know that your success depends on the health of your pigeons. is an online direct-to-consumer supplier of pigeon health products, dedicated to providing your pigeon health products requirements conveniently and at the lowest possible prices.  
Stress-X Probiotic health   [512 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Stress-X Probiotic health products for racing pigeons, homing pigeons, rollers and show pigeons - pigeon vitamins  
Pharma Van der Sluis   [510 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
After concluding his studies he spend most of the time on medical treatment in racing pigeons and the development of pigeon medicines. He has created his own medicines lines for pigeons and he has a large pigeon clinic were many fanciers from the Netherlands and from other countries get advice.  
Pantex Holland upholds a world-wide reputation   [499 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The company is officially recognized by European authorities and was awarded the GMP-status back in 2001. Next to the items that Pantex produces for the intensive animal husbandry, there is also available a full range of veterinary products for non-consumption animals. These products are being manufactured under the same conditions. Analyses are being performed on all raw materials, during production and on the finished product.  
ColumboMed   [456 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The main activity of our company, ColumboMed is to supply pigeon breeders worldwide with all the best products developed for the health of pigeons.  
NIFURAMYCIN 1 x 25g sachet by Röhnfried   [449 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
NIFURAMYCIN 1 x 25g sachet by Röhnfried.

The best treatment against Salmonellosis (Paratyphus).

With 1 sachet of Nifuramycin you can treat 250 pigeons

Can Treat

• Bacterial infections
• Coli infections
• Salmonellosis (Paratyphus)
• Bacterial infections of the respiratory organs
• General stress situations  
Formolvaccine for Salmonella Typhimurium var. Copenhagen for   [300 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The vaccine must be injected beneath the skin in the neck. Shake the bottle well before using. Dose: ˝ ml /pigeon.
Don’t vaccinate in infected lofts but give first a paratyphoid-treatment.
Young pigeons: Salmo PT can be used from an age of 6 weeks.
But if serious problems in occur the loft it can be done again after 3 weeks.
Adult pigeons: The ideal time is after breeding and moulting and at least 3 weeks before pairing. You can vaccinate each year.
Racing pigeons must be vaccinated at least 3 weeks before racing starts.  
Pox Vaccine &#150; Brush-on   [290 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Pox Vaccine – Brush-on (from Lohmann Animal Health International) Refrigerate, but do not freeze!  
Colombovac PMV vaccine for Pigeons   [278 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
For the primary and booster vaccination of healthy, susceptible, immune competent pigeons against paramyxo virus infections caused by the PMV-1 serotype.

Shake the vial before use. 0.2 ml by subcutaneous injection. Administer into the neck in the direction of the back.

Dosage regimen
1. Racing pigeons?All birds in the loft should be given one vaccination annually not less than 14 days before the beginning of the racing season.

Young birds may be vaccinated with Colombovac PMV from 3 weeks of age when a single injection will provide immunity for 1 year. Following vaccination avoid contact with birds from other lofts for at least 14 days.

All late-hatched young pigeons should be given one vaccination from 3 weeks of age and not mixed with birds from other lofts for at least 14 days.

All adult birds in the loft should be given a single booster vaccination annually. Where the annual booster vaccination may interfere with the training or racing programme, it may be brought forward prior to the commencement of each racing season.  
Colombovac PMV Paramxyo Pigeon Vaccine 50 doses   [256 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The only PMV vaccine not to contain mineral oil This makes it safer in use and if accidentally self injected. Supplied with needles, syringe, record card etc. Patented formula Please note:- immunity builds up over a period of time. Presentation Colombovac PMV is an inactivated adjuvanted vaccine based on an avian paramyxovirus serotype 1 (PMV-1) vaccine strain. Uses For the primary and booster vaccination of healthy, susceptible, immune competent pigeons against paramyxovirus infections caused by the PMV-1 serotype. Dosage and administration Shake the vial before use. 0.2 ml by subcutaneous injection. Administer into the neck in the direction of the back. Dosage regimen 1. Racing pigeons – All birds in the loft should be given one vaccination annually not less than 14 days before the beginning of the racing season. Young birds may be vaccinated with Colombovac PMV from 3 weeks of age when a single injection will provide immunity for 1 year. Following vaccination avoid contact with birds from other lofts for at least 14 days.  
SALMONELLA BAC VACCINE 50-dose/100-dose   [249 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Symptoms include the following; (1) Severe weight loss, (2)dropped wing: swollen hock or elbow joints, (3)diarrhea (loose green portion) or normal stool, (4)poor appetite, (5)notable weight loss early in disease, (6)can affect only a few pigeons in the loft or have asymptomatic carriers, and (7)death seen especially in the newly hatched youngsters.  
PMV 1 Vaccine Pigeon vaccine   [242 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
PMV Paramyxovirus
Vaccine for prevention and control
Instructions included on package

PMV 1 Vaccine Pigeon vaccine (from Lohmann Animal Health International) Refrigerate, but do not freeze!
Note: Be sure when ordering vaccines to specify overnight or two-day shipping!  
4 in 1 Mix PMV-infections, watery droppings   [229 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The superb combination remedy with spectacular results in case of Adenocoli-syndrome and watery droppings due to former PMV-infections.

- Adenocoli-syndrome
- Watery droppings due to former PMV-infections (paramixovirus)

- 2 measure spoons per 2 liters of water or 1 kg of grains (*).

Can also be used in combination with Belgasol: Add 2 tablespoons Belgasol per 2 litres of water for faster results.

* Grain can be moistened with diluted Belgasol, vegetable oil, garlic oil or water down lemon juice.  
Welcome to Medpet   [227 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The nature of pigeons, and the environment in which they live, means that they are susceptible to disease and ailments. However, racing pigeons are performance animals, and only healthy racing pigeons win races. Around the world, the sport of pigeon racing is one that has a very passionate following from those that partake in it. Pigeon fanciers love their pigeons, and perhaps even more, they love to win races! Medpet was initially founded to cater for this need: to make medicines for racing pigeons to keep them healthy, and to satisfy this demand for the passionate and enthusiastic participants in the sport - pigeon fanciers.  
Ornisol a liquid preparation   [226 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Ornisol a liquid preparation in case of lack of condition due to dirty noses, wet eyes, watery(greenyellow) droppings a.s.o. Both in young and old pigeons. Can also be mixed with Orni Special as well as with BelgaTai in case of severe Ornithosis (Mycoplasmosis, Chlamydia). store at room temperature.  
Salmonellosis (Paratyphoid) in racing pigeons   [224 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
When signs of salmonella, droppings after testing bacteriological positive, dark green slimy and wet droppings, pigeons have lame legs or fly crooked, weight lose, dead youngers in the nest, infertile eggs. If suspected lofts administer after the moult a cure for 14 days. The Paratyphoid Cure is also active against many other bacteriological gastro-intestinal infections.
After treatment clean the loft with a disinfectant. If serious infections the advice is: 14 days paratyphoid-cure, then a paratyphoid vaccination, followed by 1 week paratyphoid cure. After treatment give multivitamins for 1 week.
After treatment of severe infections, every six weeks bacteriological test of the droppings are needed for the duration of six months  
Parastop against paratyphoid (Salmonellosis)   [223 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Parastop against paratyphoid (Salmonellosis): this prevents as well as cures. Also outstanding against E-Coli and a-specific intestinal infections. This combi-drug has proved itself already for over 20 years ultra reliability.

- Salmonellosis - Paratyphoid
- E-Coli
- Intestinal infections

- 3 measure spoons per 2 liters of water or 2 measure spoons per 1 kilogram of grains (*)
* Grain can be moistened with diluted Belgasol
- Therapeutic 10 - 14 consecutive days.
- Preventive: 7 consecutive days: at the end of the moulting and before breeding period. Also often used a few weeks before the start of the racing season.  
POX Vaccine   [222 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Simple to administer, pull a few feathers in the breast area and then brush on the vaccine. Pigeon Pox is a virus and there is no medicine to treat it. The Pox must run it's course naturally in about 4 - 6 weeks. This vaccine is a live virus. If you have a Pox outbreak you have several options. Pox itself will not kill a pigeon, they will look terrible but the real problem is from secondary diseases. The worse case scenario is contracting Canker along with the Pox. To prevent this from happening, give a canker pill at the same time or Ronidazole Powder for 7 days after the vaccination.  
PMV-1 (100 dose) Paramyxovirus Vaccine   [220 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Paramyxovirus is the most dangerous threat to our pigeons. Now there is a vaccine approved by the US Government. PMV-1 stands for Avian Parmayxovirus Type 1. Don't wait to have the disease in your loft or even in your area before you vaccinate. Be sure to call and order enough PMV-1. Directions are included. This is a killed virus. 1/2 cc per bird.  
Orisept Pox Dry   [196 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Orisept Pox Dry - Apply directly to pox pustules. For drying pox pox pustules within 3 to 5 days after steady application.  
Maine Biological PIGEON POX VACCINE   [179 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Pigeon Pox is a viral infection, spread by direct contact. Thus, prevention by vaccination is the best form of treatment.

PIGEON POX VACCINE is supplied as a live, freeze dried vaccine, with diluent and applicator brush.

Dosage Treatment:
To use, remove 6-8 feathers from the lower leg or breast and brush the vaccine into the open feather follicles on the skin.

Please order all vaccinations under a seperate invoice, as all vaccinations will be shipped UPS 2nd Day Air on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Only!  

Pigeon drugs
Young Bird Sickness   [1363 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
A typical scenario sees young pigeons released from the loft for their daily training (on a hot summer's day, perhaps), whereupon they fly around for an hour and then return to the loft. They land on the roof or on the alighting ledge, do not respond to the breeder's attempts to entice them into the loft, and die within the space of a few hours.  
Colombovac PMV Paramxyo & Pox Pigeon Vaccine 50 doses   [1299 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
All birds in the loft should be given a vaccination annually from the early New Year not less than 21 days before the beginning of the racing season.
Birds may be vaccinated with Colombovac PMV/Pox from 6 weeks of age when a single injection will provide immunity for one year for paramyxovirus and throughout the greatest season for risk for pox, the spring and summer months when vaccinated in the first quarter of the year. Following vaccination, avoid contact with birds from other lofts for at least 21 days to allow immunity to develop.  
Gambazin Antibiotic + Vitamins Pigeons respiratory problems   [1155 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Antibiotic + Vitamins for Racing Pigeons

- Bacterial infections of the respiratory organs
- Mycoplasmosis
- Ornithosis

- Put sick pigeons in quarantine.
- Treat all your pigeons, not only the sick ones
- After medications give your pigeons an Multivitamin Complex (the day after the last day of the treatment).
- Disinfect lofts/housing with LIMOSEPTIC
In most cases, this product may be combined if necessary with other medicines

- 1 tablet per pigeon over period of 5-6 days.  
Gambakokzid 25 gr (trichominiasis and coccidiosis)   [761 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Put sick pigeons in quarantine. Treat all your pigeons, not only the sick ones. After medications give your pigeons MULTIVITAMINS COMPLEX (the day after the last day of the treatment). In most cases, this product may be combined if necessary with other medicines  
Nifuramycin Box Rohnfried - Salmonellosis - Paratyphus   [661 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The best treatment against Salmonellosis (Paratyphus).

With 1 sachet of Nifuramycin you can treat 250 pigeons

• Bacterial infections
• Coli infections
• Salmonellosis (Paratyphus)
• Bacterial infections of the respiratory organs
• General stress situations

• 5 grams of Nifuramycin (1 measuring cup) per 2 litres of drinking water (20-25 pigeons) or 1 sachet in 12,5 litres of drinking water (250 pigeons) over period of 3-4 days.  

Pigeon Photography
Pigeon Photography   [308 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
PigeonPhotography, een jong, ambitieus bedrijf dat er naar streeft om uw duiven perfect te fotograferen.
PigeonPhotography staat voor kwaliteit en snelheid. Door een goed afgestemd bedrijfsproces worden de foto’s binnen een zo kort mogelijke tijd geleverd.

Bekijk onze website om indruk te krijgen wie we zijn en wat we doen.  
Pigeon designer   [200 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
My name is Rob Fenech Junior; My dad Bob has been in the sport for well over 30 years now, and in the past few years, I have been working in the sport too.  
For Pigeon PHOTOGRAPHY, Pigeon EDITING, Pigeon Layout   [190 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Always creating new idea & new design for your pigeons  

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