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Türkiye Güvercin Federasyonu   [65 clicks]
1964 Yılında İSTANBUL ’da doğumlu Mustafa HAYIROĞLU evli ve üç çocuk babasıdır, ilk v...
Scottdale Supply, LLC   [63 clicks]
Scottdale Supply offers the pigeon fancier the largest selection of pigeon related products in the area. Everything fro...
Baden Feed and Supply   [69 clicks]
Baden Feed and Supply is owned and operated by Tim Scheerer, his brother Roger and their retired father Merv. Tim and hi...
Pigeons Products, Supplies and medicines   [246 clicks]
Pigeons Products, Supplies and medicines
Pigeon Product Store   [389 clicks]
Pallatts pigeon products store
Blake Sheds and Fencing Ltd   [215 clicks]
We welcome any enquiries regarding our services, or for booking appointments. Please feel free to contact us to discuss ...
Zabbar Pigeon Club   [216 clicks]
Welcome Zabbar Pigeon Club
Pigeon Photography   [319 clicks]
PigeonPhotography, een jong, ambitieus bedrijf dat er naar streeft om uw duiven perfect te fotograferen. PigeonPhotogra...
The Canuck Classic of 2012 was one to be remembered . Bad weather and predators made a tough go of it . A great weekend ...
Pigeon designer   [212 clicks]
My name is Rob Fenech Junior; My dad Bob has been in the sport for well over 30 years now, and in the past few years, I ...
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ideal pedigree for your birds
Pigeon Supplies
Vanhee Pigeon Products   [1539 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
The Vanhee pigeon feed and complementary products designed to ensure an optimal performance and perfect health of your pigeons have been developed and prepared as the result of over 80 years and 3 generations of scientific research and practical field testing.  
PIGEON FEED & BULK FEEDS IN SOUTH YORKSHIRE   [1029 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
BJF Feeds is your one stop shop for bulk animal & pigeon feed, medicines and cage & aviary accessories. We are based in Sheffield and products can be purchased online through our website or by visiting our store.  
Rohnfried . Welcome to the website of Dr. Hesse Tierpharma   [894 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Welcome to the website of Dr. Hesse Tierpharma, better known to breeders of homing
pigeons under the name R?hnfried. These pages contain our entire range of products
along with the feeding and care schedules of well-known homing pigeon breeders.
Have fun at our site!

If you would like to place an order, please contact your specialist retailer.  
Orthophar Animal Care   [782 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Orthophar has chosen a simple and easy way, focusing on results. The foundation of your pigeon-management consists of 3 products: Optima, Entero and Energetica.  
Welcome to Pigeons Products International   [751 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Pigeons Products International is an online store with the highest range of products for racing pigeons, pigeons sports, race, pouter, class, etc. dedicated solely and exclusively to the pigeons. Here you can find everything you need for our birds, such as creating a good medicine cabinet and essential accessories with international products.  
Carr's   [691 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Suppliers of premium quality seeds, pellets & oils  
Telephone Number Rings & Electronic   [659 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Quickie Telephone Number Rings & Electronic Timing Systems for Pigeons  
FOYS PIGEON SUPPLIES   [641 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Our 2009-2010 is now available and is your free of charge. The catalog is 164 pages and is, by far, the largest pigeon-bird-small animal catalog available. The full color catalog is filled with products to fill just about anyon'es needs and wants. This latest catalog has been filled with not just great products, it is also a valuable resource when you have questions about health, housing, feeding, shipping, trapping and much, much, more.  
R.V. Woodcraft's Online Catalogue   [620 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Whether you're a racing pigeon enthusiast who wants the best for his birds or you're looking for a quality bargain like one of our new Timber bike sheds, we're confident you'll find our 2007 Catalogue full of great ideas.  
Natural Pigeon Supplies   [503 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
NAtural Pigeon Supplies  
Global Pigeon Supplies   [472 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Most of our shipments are made with UPS ground service. Next day, 2nd day air service or 3 day select service is available to most locations at an additional charge.  
Taylors Choice Pigeon Supplies & Healthcare   [450 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Taylors Choice are dedicated to providing it's customers with a massive range of brand leading pigeon supplies and healthcare products for fast and efficient UK and Worldwide delivery.

We do our best to maintain low prices for our customers, and our main aim is to provide great value for money and top quality service. We have a massive range of pigeon corns, stocking many top brands such as Bamfords, Bucktons, Countrywide, Gem, Marimans, Natural and Versele Laga. We also specialise in providing our customers with pigeon healthcare products, loft equipment and accessories and much more. All this is available for UK and worldwide delivery.  
InterPigeon - Pigeon Supplies & Healthcare   [423 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
InterPigeon are dedicated to providing it's customers with a massive range of brand leading pigeon supplies and healthcare products for fast and efficient nationwide delivery.

We do our best to maintain low prices for our customers, and our main aim is to provide great value for money and top quality service. We specialise in providing our customers with pigeon healthcare products, loft equipment and accessories and much more. All this is available for fast nationwide delivery.  
Wilder Store is your one stop source   [408 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Wilder Store is your one stop source for the largest assortment of bird health care products, canary supplies, pigeon products, racing pigeon medicines, pigeon supplies, bird medicines, dog treatments and more.

We are the wholesale distributor of the most popular bird and pigeon health care brands like: Oropharma, Versele-Laga, Chevita, Rohnfried, Orlux, Funbird, Comed, Colman, Backs, Beyers, Natural, Vanhee, Dac, Belgica de Weerd and many others.  
New England Pigeon & Livestock Supplies   [403 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
New England Pigeon & Livestock Supply, LLC is a family run business with a 56 year history with pigeons. Tony Patti was introduced to pigeons by his father at a very early age. His mother put them in her spaghetti sauce but little Tony soon discovered that there was more to these birds than met the palate, he has never been without them since 1949.  
Pigeon Product Store   [389 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Pallatts pigeon products store  
Red Star Lofts   [378 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Alun is the founder of Red Star Lofts Ltd manufacturing quality pigeon racing equipment. He started Red Star Lofts in 1999 in a very small way working from his garage. Over the last twelve years due to his hard work and determination the business has grown considerably.  
Loja Online CC Pombos   [365 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Loja Online CCPombos; coloca à disposição de todos os columbófilos nacionais e internacionais, as marcas por nós apresentadas. O preço descrito é com IVA incluído à taxa em vigor. Os interessados podem assim usufruir deste nosso serviço e receber comodamente os produtos pretendidos na sua residência, todos os produtos podem ser enviados à cobrança, os custos de envio são excelentes, e da maior confiança pela empresa dos CCT.

Baden Feed and Supply   [330 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Baden Feed and Supply has a reputation in the pigeon industry for having
clean, top quality feeds. We have a large number of regular mixes
and in addition, we welcome custom mixes as well. All of our mixes
are packaged in 22.68kg/50lb bags. We also carry a full line of grains;
safflower, maple, green, trapper and austrian peas, malt barley, hard
red wheat, millet's, milo's, rice, vetch, buckwheat, flax, canola,
canary seed, lentils, oat groats, and a variety of corn.

We are a family owned, quality driven company that can supply you
with top quality feeds. We also carry a large selection of pigeon supplies
from supplements to leg IDs.  
Cora Triumph Pigeons   [301 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Productos creados por Carlos Marquez Prats

Carlos Márquez Prats se introdujo en la colombofilia de la mano de su Padre a la edad de 14 años, haciéndose socio de la Sociedad Colombófila Mensajera de Barcelona. En aquel entonces presidida por D. Antonio Argullos Soler.

En el año 1956 ya empezó a ganar algún que otro premio. Era una sociedad muy competitiva, más de 100 colombófilos formaban el ente competidor. Nada menos que 100 palomares con verdaderos maestros de la colombofilia. Había que aprender mucho y rápido.

En el año 1958 ocupa el cargo de Secretario de la Sociedad, con 17 años, cargo que ocupó en 1958-1959-1960, a la vez que fue Campeón de su grupo ganando gran cantidad de trofeos.  
Brieftaubenzeitung   [291 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
wie Sie bestimmt schon bemerkt haben, handelt es sich bei und um eine Kooperation, um den Taubensport ein Stückweit mehr populär zu machen. Das Internet-Portal "" ist Ihre Adresse, um auch zukünftig Neuigkeiten zu Schlagberichten, As-Tauben als auch Meisterschaften rund um den Taubensport zu erhalten.  
Brieftauben-Abrechnungs-Service RiRo GmbH   [270 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
rieftauben-Abrechnungs-Service RiRo GmbH riro, brieftaube, preislisten, taubenzucht, unikon, la paloma  
Kennzeichnungsringe   [267 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
werden aus einem stabilen Kunststoff in hervorragender
Verarbeitung gefertigt.

Die Vorteile:
• gerundete Kanten, absolut gratfrei,
• beständig gegen Säuren und Laugen,
• UV-beständig
• temperaturbeständig bis weit über 100 °C, dadurch verfälschungssicher,
• kontrastreiche Beschriftung durch modernste Lasergravur, kratzfest und beständig,

Die Farben richten sich nach den Vorgaben der EE sowie der COM für das
jeweilige Ringjahr. Weitere Farben sind auf Anfrage lieferbar.  
Optimal versorgte Tauben werden nicht krank   [258 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Seit 25 Jahren begleiten wir Taubenzüchter durch das Jahr, vermitteln Zusammenhänge der optimierten Ernährung im Jahresrhythmus und sorgen mit unseren Naturprodukten für gesunde Tauben durch optimale Versorgung.

In dieser Zeit haben wir vergessenes Wissen mit neuen Forschungsergebnissen kombiniert und für Standards in der Taubenernährung gesorgt.

So stammen aus unserem Haus u.a. die Mauserergänzungen mit L-Methionin und Biotin, der Leberschutz durch Silymarin aus der Mariendistel, Usniotikum, das Konzentrat aus der Bartflechte, gegen Trichomonaden und Hexamiten, Kolsal-Kolostrum-Extrakt für das Immunsystem, die Kropfmixmischung für die Pflege im Kropf, Magen und Darm, die Reduzierung der Hülsenfrüchte im Futter und viele andere Innovationen. Niemand hat die Fütterung der Tauben so nachhaltig beeinflusst wie PerNaturam und den Herren Töllner und Heßel.  
Bessere Ausrüstung durch Forschung   [250 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Wenn Sie einen Artikel mit unserem Qualitätssiegel erwerben, können Sie mit Gewissheit davon ausgehen, dass es sich um einen einzigartigen Artikel mit formschönem und funktionellem Design handelt. Das Produkt ist das Ergebnis einer sorgfältig durchdachten Vorstudie. Das Smisdom Plastics Qualitätssiegel garantiert ebenfalls, dass die Produkte aus hochwertigen Kunststoffen gefertigt wurden.  
DOVITAL eine breite Palette von homöopathischen   [247 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Speziell für den Sport hat Dovital eine Linie Naturprodukte und Nahrungsergänzungsmittel entwickelt, die inzwischen in vielen Lofts erfolgreich eingesetzt werden.

Zusätzlich finden Sie Produkte von u.a. Dr. Vincent Schroeder, Tollisan, Dr. Brockamp, ​​Blubke ®, Giantel, GEM Supplements, Belgica de Weerd, Videx Jaap Koehoorn Products u.v.a.  
Pigeons Products, Supplies and medicines   [246 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Pigeons Products, Supplies and medicines  
Racing Pigeon Supplies   [242 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Haspeslagh has been well known in the world of pigeon racing for over 50 years now. In that time Haspeslagh has become the number one manufacturer of all kinds of pigeon accessories.

In 2007 the company Haspeslagh was taken over by the company Savic. Savic is the world’s leading producer of all kinds of pet products and is active in 73 countries, on 5 continents.

The most important activities in pigeon racing are: the making of pigeon identification rings, the building of pigeon lofts and the manufacturing of pigeon accessories.  
Brieftauben markt   [239 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
HDI brieftauben-markt Championat 2011 - Ihre Bewerbung 2011. Betreiber, Informatiker - seit mehr als 30 Jahren IT-Managementaufgaben, 5 Jahre Geschäftsführer des Verbandes Deutscher Brieftaubenzüchter e.V., seit mehr als 40 Jahren Brieftaubenzüchter.  
Welcome to Garden Feathers   [239 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Supplies for chickens, pigeons, cage and aviary birds and wild birds - whether you're looking for feed, health products, feeders, drinkers, coops, bedding or even gift ideas, you'll find it here. Don't forget to enter our monthly competition and sign up for our monthly newsletter.  
Pigeon transport by a.hartrodt   [227 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
a. hartrodt Belgium Airfreight n.v. specialises in air freight services all over the world.

This site was created specifically with respect to the transportation of pigeons.

As a medium-sized organization, with offices in Zaventem, Antwerp, Deurne and Menen, the company offers a personal and individual service.Because the company is not bound by agreements with shipping lines or airlines it can respond flexibly to the customer’s needs from a logistical point of view.The range of services includes global door-to-door, sea and air freight, cargo consolidation and container transport, export and import, warehousing, distribution, customs clearance and transport insurance.  
Bony Farma pigeon products   [194 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Bony Farma evolved from the desire and need to extend the professionalism in the medical (guidance) in pigeon-sport. The decade long involvement in pigeon-sport by veterinarian P. Boskamp of the Veterinary Centre Beek, resulted in the development of natural products, who contribute to the overall health of the pigeons.  
Internet-Taubenschlag   [191 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
In unserem Magazin finden Sie interessante Berichte rund um Tauben.Wir haben in den letzten 2 Jahren mit Online-Auktionen ca. 50.000 Euro für wohltätige Zwecke gesammelt. 100% des Erlöses wurden an unterschiedliche Organisationen gespendet.  
Scottdale Supply, LLC   [63 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
Scottdale Supply offers the pigeon fancier the largest selection of pigeon related products in the area. Everything from many varieties of pigeon feeds from
Des Moines and Baden as well as Scottdale custom mixes for breeding and young and old bird racing. We carry medicines, vaccines & vitamins from Vita King, Global and Jedds.
Our goal is to have the products you desire.
Please alert us to any products or line of products we should be stocking.  

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